Saturday, July 30, 2011

DHR Is Now On Twitter

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio has followed the lead of Ashton Kutcher, Lady Gaga, and President Obama. We've decided to use Twitter to begin our movement toward absolute world domination. Until that time which we're fully prepared to take over the world, we hope to bring a little hypno-fun and excitement to the web.

You can find us @DescentHypnosis on Twitter. This is a great way to stay in touch with DHR and get the latest updates on new artists, new sessions, and new topics of discussions. We've even posted a Twitter Stream on our homepage to follow Tweets from members of our DHR Family.  Conversations are encouraged so don’t be shy. You can also message me privately if you’d like to suggest any material for the site or the radio station. Please also message me if you’ve got ideas for topics of discussion.

I’m very new to the twitterverse so please be patient. I know we can put this to great use and have a great time in the process.  Please follow us on at!/DescentHypnosis or use the Twitter button below.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Six Months, Twenty-one Tists, Thirty-one Sessions

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio quietly celebrated its six month anniversary on July 10th. Having started exclusively in Second Life at the DESCENT Hypnosis Lounge, the radio station quickly took on a life of its own, moving off the sim and onto the worldwide web. The lounge, sadly, was closed after expenses became too much to justify.

With the recent addition of Mistress Samba and two wonderful sessions, DHR has surpassed two milestones. We now have 31 sessions by 21 hypnotists. We are adding new artists and sessions every week and the word continues to spread worldwide about DHR.

I’m grateful to each and every artist who has been part of this project, from the very unsure and humble beginning to our recent and successful months when we added the website and our family has grown and listenership has blown up. A special thanks to Isabella Valentine. Without her direct support, the contribution of her mp3 library, and the support of her community, much of what we’ve accomplished would not have been possible. An equally special thanks to Mistress Zaida and Lee Allure for support above and beyond what I’ve ever asked for or expected. Thanks to the owners and admins at and www. for giving me the freedom to share DHR with their members and guests.

Thank you all for keeping up with DHR and for supporting the hypnosis experience and growing communities.

There’s lots of great stuff coming to DHR so stay tuned.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Mistress Samba Joins DHR!

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is delighted to welcome Mistress Samba to our broadcast family. Mistress Samba is an amazingly seductive Mistress who’ll push you to the edge and hold you there. She specializes in hypnotic mind control and sublime slave training. Her sessions will leave you mesmerized and craving her hypnotic voice. Mistress Samba has been extremely generous and has provided DHR with two sessions that we’ll be broadcasting throughout the day. Please listen for “Surrender Release 1” and “Successful and Horny” to begin streaming today.

Please be sure to visit Mistress Samba’s website and let her know you heard about her on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!

Femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 by Mistress Samba

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DHR Returns to Second Life

It's been a few weeks since The Mischievous Kitty shut its virtual doors and DHR became homeless in SL.  We're thrilled to let you know that DESCENT Hypnosis Radio has found a new home.  Our great friend, Domitan, has graciously offered us some space and we've built a dome to house a relaxing beach and the DHR Shoutcast and advertisement boards for your listening pleasure.

If you're in SL, we invite you to visit the DESCENT Skydome @ Domaine.  This site on a private and non-commercial parcel so it won't be accessable thru any SL search engines.  The following SLURL can be used by existing SL members.  Simply copy it and past it into local chat, then click the link to pull up the Landmark.  

We're grateful to Domitan for his kindness and dedication to helping DESCENT live on in SL.  Plans are underway for a permanent home.  We strive to create a social environment for the Second Life Hypnosis Community to enjoy and grow within.  Stay tuned here for coming details.

Be sure to tell your SL friends and click the big blue signs to join our DESCENT Group.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New From Ellechemy

Begining today, you can hear a new session from Ellechemy entitled, "Even More Obedient".  Ellechemy's seductive voice and style will guide you down into a state of pure obedience and will leave you wanting even more. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hypnosis On Television

Hypnosis has  always been part of television culture.  My own interests were fueled by watching Pat Collins' Showtime specials in which she'd hypnotize Playboy Playmates and male strippers.  It was quite  fun to watch what she'd make them do.  I've also heard from several fetishists who have told me about a few specifically infamous episode of Gilligan's Island that had a scenes in which Ginger and Mary Ann were hypnotized.

More recently, shows like The Mentalist and movies like  Shallow Hal have helped bring hypnosis back into the mainstream focus.  I recently discovered a new show called Necessary Roughness.  It spotlights a hypnotherapist who is hired to assist a professional football player in getting his head straight because his game is suffering.  Along the way, she is attempting to get though personal issues of her own.

This show might not be to your liking, but I do believe that we should support those shows that promote the use of hypnosis in any way.   I've posted the entire pilot episode above.



Friday, July 1, 2011