Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shelle Rivers Wants To Play

It’s always a pleasure to present a new session from Shelle Rivers. This session allows you to get to know Princess Shelle’s playful side. She’ll win your heart mind and soul with this naughty little hypnotic game. Do you want to play with Shelle Rivers? Just step right up and listen to “Want To Play A Game?” on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Book For DHR Listeners!

Author and fan of DHR, Lynn Boston, has offered a gift to fellow listeners. You can download a free copy of his hypnotic past life regression based mystery/thriller, Through The Third Eye, by clicking on the following link.

This offer ends on December 1st so get your copy today!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Josie's Puppet Pet

I’m very excited to introduce a new session from Josie entitled “Puppet Pet”. Give her control and allow yourself to become her Puppet. She will pull your strings, making you helpless to her power. Taking you deep down where you will hand her your strings and let her command you. A lightly erotic trance you will surely enjoy hearing over and over again. Take the journey with her now as you listen to “Puppet Pet” on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio.

This file is available as a free download at the Hypnotists’ Marketplace on . If you’ve found your way here from that site and are looking for that download, please return to that download page and look for the musical note icon on the far right of the page and under the file image.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Something New From Mistress Zaida

I’m very happy to announce that today DHR will begin broadcasting a new session from Mistress Zaida entitled "Complete Relaxation".  Mistress Zaida brings her all of the skill and sexiness of her erotic sessions to this non-erotic presentation. This is the perfect session for those new and experimenting with hypnosis. It’s also great for those experienced trancers who enjoy a deep hypnosis session without concern about the suggestion or erotic content.

Enjoy the session and be sure to visit Mistress Zaida's website for even more amazing hypnotic content.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcome Hypnotic Haylee!

Hypnotic Haylee is a fresh new artist who’s quickly made a huge splash onto the hypnosis scene. She has a sweet and gentle sound that will relax you into submission. Once there, she’ll help you find new ways to explore your hypnotic fantasies.

I’m very excited to announce that Hypnotic Haylee is joining the DESCENT Hypnosis Radio family. You can now hear her session, “Simply Sleep”, as part of our daily broadcast playlist. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Haylee and let her know you’ve heard her on DHR. Visit her website for details on her MP3 catalogue as well as details on how you can schedule a session with Haylee on Niteflirt.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Visual Hypnosis Inductions By Hypnodelica

For many, the sound of a soothing voice is all that is needed for guiding them deeply into a relaxing hypnotic trance. Many others prefer a more visual source for their hypnosis experience. The spiral is likely one of the most common symbols for hypnosis and that’s simply because it is a powerful tool for inducing trance. The written word is also just as powerful a tool. Many can get lost in a written text hypnosis induction as easily as they can get lost in a good book. The combination of spiraling graphics and text induction creates a possibility for one hell of a ride into hypnotic trance.

In the time I’ve spent exploring my own hypnosis experiences, only one hypnotist’s visual inductions have stood out as both unique and artistically beautiful. I’m very excited to announce that his amazing spirals are a very special addition to the DESCENT Hypnosis website.

Please join me in welcoming Hypnodelica to the DESCENT Hypnosis Family. It’s hard to miss his stunning visual masterpiece atop this webpage. In the future, I plan to feature even more of his spiraling inductions. I hope you enjoy them and please visit his website to see even more of his spirals and animations.