Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lady Lana's "Drive"

Go on a fantasy trip. Slide into a mental journey that has been carefully constructed for you by an erotic femdom Goddess. It will take you deep down into a trance fetish.

It is mainly a trance session. There is barely any reference to femdom at all… but it’s dark.. and methodical.
It is your chance to let go and let someone else guide you, to take over your mind, to paint a mental picture.

It’s a subtle mindfuck for someone who doesn’t want submission to be drummed down under erotic trances, but simply wants to let go, meanwhile avoiding the new agey crap elements and the “you’re getting sleepy now” inductions.

Quiet, dark, and the world has slowed down…as the background music is quietly humming in the background, you focus on the road. As you drive… into the state of forgetfulness, as you drive, into hypnotic escape, into the altered state of consciousness, into the state of trance, entering into the light state of amnesia.

You forget, how long you have been driving for, which exit you have passed and if the music has been playing or not. You may have no recollection at all of changing the station. As you drive… you let go of your conscious control of your mind and turn it on the cruise control. You don’t have to think.  Sit back, hold on the wheel tight and drive. Further, down, into darkness.

The mp3 has Dubstep beats and layers of different tracks and voice. The mp3 is about 17 minutes long.  Can be listened along with other mild mindfuck series.

You don’t have to be into femdom at all to listen to this, just to be free and open minded and willing to explore your subconscious realms of your mind.

- See more at:

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Lady Inamorata's "Erotic Awakening"


It's time to awaken your imagination and eroticism with this new session by Lady Inamorata.  It's now part of our daily broadcast and will be featured all weekend long.  Explore Lady Inamorata at and follower her on Twitter @LadyInamorata

"Super You" By The Muse

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero for a day?  Here’s your chance!  DHR is excited to bring you “Super You” by The Muse.  This session is now part of our daily broadcast.

Discover The Muse at and follow her on Twitter @fkmuse

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Amethyst Mist" By Amethyst

Many of you know that I was a clinical hypnotherapist working in an office environment for several years. This was a session that I would always give my clients, no matter what reason they were coming to see me, and they LOVED it! They always received their sessions on a cassette, made right there in the office for them. My clients would always come back to report that this was the cassette that they listened to the most. It was my "signature" recording.

Amethyst Mist will guide you through a releasing process, where you will be cleansed of 29 unwanted emotions. You will then be surrounded by a protective shield and given a trigger word for Peace and Calm, which you can give yourself at any time.

Enjoy this sessions starting today on DHR!

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Show your support for DHR! When you purchase "Amethyst Mist", a portion of the purchase price is donated to DESCENT to help keep DHR streaming and free to our listeners.  Please visit for all the details.  Thanks!

An Update From Lady Lana

I wanted to make an announcement about recent changes on Due to unforeseen circumstances the website had to go through a rehab and now has new look, new features and new store. Please take your time to make yourself familiar.

Store: Now you are able to register and make purchases directly on the site without using any of the third party processors. The store uses well-trusted and currently accepts visa, discover and jcb as payment methods, mastercard will be added in the near future as well.The downloads are instant and never expire. Keep an eye for promotions and coupon codes posted on twitter, facebook and in the blogs.

Blog: The latest updates about upcoming recordings, photo sets, videos and wishlists, brags, bitching and moaning. Feel free to post your comments, wishes, concerns related to the posts. They are always welcome. Look out for treats in the “locked” content blogs where I post little random treats like exclusive pictures, desktop wallpapers, audio and/or video posts. I do not make that material available anywhere else… as I said, pretty pretty exclusive.

Phone and Cam: I have also made available option to see me on live cam and/or phone. I prefer phone for erotic hypnosis sessions and cam for worship, financial domination and humiliation sessions.

If you have any ideas/wishes for custom recordings, feel free to contact me to inquire about my availability.

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Lady Lana

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Charlotte Gray's "Void."

Drop down into absolute nothingness, blank and empty and silent as the void.  You can now hear this classic session by Charlotte Gray each day as part of our broadcast.  Visit Charlotte Gray at and follow her on Twitter at @CGHypnotica.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome Ember to DHR!

DHR is excited to welcome a long-time friend to our Broadcast Family.  Please join me in welcoming Ember to DHR.  Beginning today, “Cult Classic” can now be heard each day as part of our broadcast and will be our featured session this weekend!
"I’m Ember. Welcome to my world. I’m a 30-year-old lifestyle domme and I haven’t had a vanilla relationship since my teens. I have many fetishes, I adore BDSM, and I have performed countless erotic hypnosis sessions in the past 10 years.  I offer many erotic, hypnotic, and BDSM sessions so no matter what you ache for, you will find the perfect erotic escape right here with me.

No matter the level of control you desire, I know the pleasure that can be found when you indulge in power exchange. I know how fun, intense, rewarding, and blissful, D/s experiences can be. I know what you're looking for. And if you stay here and fall to yours knees at my feet then you will find it.
So what are you waiting for?

Give in, breathe deep, and and get lost in my Ether."


Cult Classic

Love and addiction hypnosis at its best – This sultry session will leave you hopelessly ensnared and loving every minute. Clicking the link will get you a NiteFlirt “Payment Request” email. The contents, including the 19-minute session, will be accessible WITHOUT paying! But for those who want to tribute, I appreciate being honored for my work.  Download “Cult Classic” for yourself at
Visit Ember online at
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Amethyst Addiction

********************* NEW RELEASE *********************

Sink deep under the spell of Amethyst, as She programs you to become addicted to Her voice. You find Her voice so seductive, so arousing, so deliciously addictive!
You will be given a special trigger, which will cause you to not only go deep under Her control, but to also to bring about erotic sensations. Once under Her trance, you will receive special Mind Melting programming to feel weak, aroused, and addicted to Her voice.

you want to obey!
you need more and more of Amethyst's voice

Her voice turns you on

your submissive mind aches to serve someone such as Mistress Amethyst

Obedience to Mistress Amethyst feels soooooo good!

“Amethyst Addiction” is new to DHR and can be heard every day as part of our daily broadcast.

Visit Amethyst at and follow her on Twitter @Amethyst_Hypno

Sunday, August 11, 2013

DHR Presents The Truth

It’s always great when DHR Artists team up and combine their amazing talents to create a hypnotic work of art.  Our newest sessions is exactly that.  Written by Chewtoy and voiced by Lee Allure.  DHR brings you “The Truth”. 

The Truth
The Truth is meant to be looped, played over and over until you're certain of the answers that you know, deep down. Deep, deep down. You are here to learn The Truth, and every repetition helps you know with more certainty these things about yourself which may have been confusing before you listened, so that after listening you're always more clear about The Truth than you were before. You know what you want. And you can always listen one more time, to really learn The Truth.

Visit Chewtoy at and follow on Twitter at @wellgnawed

Visit Lee Allure at and follow on Twitter at @LeeAllure

Miss Annabel Grace Joins DHR!

DHR is thrilled to introduce Miss Annabel Grace to DHR fans and welcome her to our broadcast family.  Starting today, you can hear “Submissives Dream” as part of our daily broadcast and Miss Grace is our featured artist this weekend so you’ll hear this session every few hours, all weekend long.   Help me welcome Miss Annabel Grace to DHR by visiting her site and following her on Twitter.  Let her know you heard her on DHR!

“I am the fuel of your darkest deviance, the food that feeds the hunger for sin, I am the temptation that dwells within you, I am Annabel Grace. My will is your will and you will submit. Femme Fatale, Hypndomme, Findom, Manipulatrix, just some of the terms used to describe me. I am like nothing you have experienced before.

With 10 years experience in Hypnosis, NLP, and Psychology, you can rest assured that the journey with me will venture into your deepest submissive fantasies. Come now, begin your journey, but remember, the selection process is not easy, only the creme de la creme of slave will dwell within my stable. “

Stay Consumed

    - Miss Annabel Grace

About Submissives Dream

With crystal clear audio, and after months of planning, Miss Annabel Grace persents 'The Submissives Dream' A file that is so powerful, so beguiling and so deviant it will have you returning to listen time and time again.

No matter what your kink, what your fantasy, enter the most enticing dream space with Miss Annabel Grace and allow it to seem as if your deepest fantasty is occuring. An extremely powerful, enticing file, full of eroticism.

This is YOUR chance to experience YOUR deepest submissive fantasies FOR REAL!

With 10 years experience in initiating trance and utilising advanced psychological techniques, you can guarantee this will be a journey you'll never forget.



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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Shelle Rivers!

One of our dearest friends has just celebrated her 25th Birthday!  DHR wishes Shelle Rivers a very Happy Birthday and to celebrate, we’re introducing a new session by Shelle to our broadcast.  You can now hear “The Sleeping Forest Part 1” each day.  We’ll also be featuring the work of Shelle Rivers through this weekend so you’ll hear and extra helping of her many DHR Session.

The Sleeping Forest Part 1
This is the first in my new series called THE SLEEPING FOREST, which has a different style from all my other works so far. Come with me on a rolling, twisting tale of desire and longing, that will have you panting for more.  Caught COMPLETELY off guard, I quietly and sensually slip in under the radar.  Slowly building up, but many times more powerful, the compound BRAINWASHING is delicious and irresistible.  Each file will build on the one before, multiplying the effects, building on your desire to be with me, controlled by ME.  The depths you will reach will surprise you.  You will not realize what is happening or how it happens...just following the words and the tale, drifting, smoothly and effortlessly.

Immerse yourself fully in this mysterious and winding journey, allow the desire and the helplessness to bring you to me, slowly, softly---- all in good time my pet----giggles.
This series will give you a first glimpse of how my work (my control) is developing and broadening, as our relationship moves ever closer and deeper, mmmmmmm.

A very sexy and sensual TEASE.

A mind SEDUCTION that leaves you CRAVING more!

     - Domina Shelle Rivers

Visit Shelle Rivers at

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

DHR Welcomes Jenny DeMilo!

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio welcomes Jenny DeMilo to our broadcast family.  You'll be able to hear "Submit And Obey" as part of our regular broadcast and Miss DeMilo is our featured artists this weekend so you'll hear an extra helping of her work all weekend long.  Please join me in welcoming Miss DeMilo to our broadcast family. 
"I’m Jenny DeMilo and I’m a fetish enthusiast, professional Dominatrix and Hypno-Domme based in Washington DC. A tall vixen at 5’9″ in my bare feet and over six foot in my tall girlie heels. My feet are a perfect size 8.5 with very high arches and extremely flexible toes and I love to have them pampered and worshiped. I have world-class 36DD curves, sparkling root beer eyes, long silky dark mahogany hair, alabaster skin and a quirky seductive smile. Holding a degree in art, I’m a collected and professional erotic photographer and a published writer. I can converse on most topics, from the silly to the esoteric. I can make you laugh, I can make you think or I can make you wish you were never born. The choice is yours.

I’m your Italian dream Mistress, tall, strong, playful creative and demanding. I expect to be worshiped and adored. Good slaves will be rewarded, bad ones… Punished."
- Mistress DeMilo
Gli italiani lo fanno meglio

Submit And Obey
To submit and obey  is what you crave. Being under a strong woman's control, my control,  is what you crave and need. You need to feel the addition to being submissively aroused by me, obsessed with the arousal to submitting to me gives you, the high you crave ,the fix to submission you need. Giving up control like you never thought possible, knowing it feels right and true. giving in to your desires to obey my every wish and command, feeling the arousal and submission to the bone. The more you submit the deeper you go the more you need to submit, the more aroused you become, the more you  have to obey. Haunting and directed arousal, submission training. Manipulated into taking the steps to being  devastatingly submissive. Where you get sexual aroused from being in a deep excited trance state and you can feel your submission grow. Being under my command and control you will find it gives you great satisfaction and you will be more aroused then ever before.

This session is a DHR Exclusive!
Learn more about Miss Jenny

Miss Kay's Newest Blog

Many men look for ways to relax during stressful periods in their lives.  Engaging in erotic hypnosis sessions is one of the ways that men find deeply relaxing and also deeply addictive. Some of the elements that contribute to a deep, relaxing live erotic hypnosis session are the level of skills of the erotic hypnotist, a sexy and sensual voice and integrating visual stimulation in the form of guided imagery to enhance the hypnosis experience. Guided imagery creates a dream-like world that a hypnosis subject enters and interacts with visually or through other senses that the hypnotist introduces in a hypnotic realm.  Smell the lilacs in bloom on the path through the lush forest, feel the light gentle drops of summer rain on your skin are examples of some of the poetic language a hypnotist would use to engage the subject's senses during an induction and deepener progression into trance that will elicit positive relaxation responses.  An erotic hypnotist will also listen to the breathing pattern of her subject, if discernible over the phone, or check a subject's level of relaxation using specific tests to determine the depth of relaxation that her subject has achieved before proceeding further.  A hypnotist may find that an additional deepener may be needed to reach complete relaxation and, hence, the desired brain wave pattern which hypno subjects reach within that profound state.   When hypno subjects reach this deeply relaxed state, the subjects begin to subliminally crave this form of relaxation again and again.  And why not?  Deep relaxation is worth whatever price a hypnotist sets. Relaxation as a reward is exponentially priceless since the subject could never achieve this blissful relaxed state on their own. 

Find Miss Kay on the web at

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lady Inamorata Joins DHR!

I'm thrilled to welcome Lady Inamorata to DESCENT Hypnosis Radio. The Legendary Inamorata was one of the first women to open the door and pave the way for the erotic hypnosis community as we know it today.  Since 1996, she has been changing minds and perspectives around the world.  She considers herself, first and foremost, a trance purist; enjoying the trance for the sake of trance.  She prefers live and phone sessions to creating trance files as "eliciting and evoking response and reaction is empowering and addictive for me." "I want to reach deep inside of your mind and pull out something raw, pure and uncensored and then savor it for as long as it lasts. The 'now' moment is very powerful."  Her trance files vary from animated visually stunning graphics (check out her youtube channel) to mp3 and flash files (on her website).  Some of her files have a few voice effects but mostly she prefers not to use sound effects and voice distortion, "if I can't do it live, I don't want to do it on a recording; I want my subject to be relaxed and calmed with my voice, not confuse them with distortion and echoes." A Reiki and Tantra practitioner, High Priestess, touch therapist and masseuse, Lady Inamorata often hosts workshops to teach others how to meditate, use creative visualization and hypnosis. 
My Control 

"My Control" is part of the Ds Series ("My Control", "Obey" and "Submissive Male") found on my website. A sensual description of the feelings that you may experience as a submissive. Addicting you to my voice and my control. Planting seeds that the more open you are, the more you will feel; the more you submit yourself, the more you will want to submit and the more obedient you are, the more pleasure you will feel.  Soft background music provides a relaxing atmosphere as you slip deeply into trance with the sound of my voice. 
Follow Lady Inamorata on Twitter @LadyInamorata

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lady Krystal Mesmer’s “Pleasure-Pumping Cocoon”

Our dear friend, Lady Krystal Mesmer, has shared this 15 minute long hypnosis session with us.  Please be aware that this session does contain some adult themes and language.  Enjoy!
Lady Krystal Mesmer’s “Pleasure-Pumping Cocoon”
“Keep seeing the strong, soothing, silvery strands of my captivating cocoon. Relax
comfortably in a Lovely Lady Mesmerizing web of love spellbinding
delights.  Feel this sensuous cocoon alluringly spin my charms all
around you, as I hypnotically draw you in.  It's such a wonderful
vision to get all wrapped up in!

I'd describe my *Pleasure-pumping Cocoon* vid as a classic Hypnotic video with some alluringly tantalizing twists.

Cocoons transform moths into beautiful monarch butterflies. Sometimes during this experience, my cocoon that has captured your attention transforms into you watching me sitting in a chair with my legs crossed and wearing a V-neck dress.  And V stands for voluptuous and va vas vroom!  And even with a hypno-swirl in front of me you clearly see the tops of my silky sheer stockings.

Oh! that's so sweet.  This is definitely very powerful wonderizm, very intense, and very interactive for both of us.

Let's just say you won't have any doubts about what I want you to do. I'll explicitly tell you, in very explicit ways, to take off your clothes and masturbate by stroking your c**k and b***s.  I tell you explicitly what to do and when, where, and how to AHIM! perform for our pleasuring.

Yes, here are some more decadent details.  I tell you how I want you to undress and display your desire and arousal to Me. I let you know when the time comes to touch yourself for My pleasure and your pleasuring too. I reveal exactly what to do with your c**k and to masturbate. I get very descriptive and I use words like b***s, c**k, and p***s. I really want you to get hot!  And that means, I had to use really HOT!-blooded, grownup language. I COMPLETELY GUIDE YOU INTO MASTURBATION EVERY SIZZLING STEP OF THE WANTONLY WICKED WAY!!

The language I use, the specific instruction I give for you to
masturbate, when TO COME, and the intense wonderism that's what's so
compelling in this video!

I really enjoyed our little tête-à-tête, and I hope you did too. “

-          Lady Krystal Mesmer


Friday, July 19, 2013

DHR's 100th Hypnosis Session!

It was two and a half years ago that  DESCENT Hypnosis Radio first signed on.  In that time a lot has happened.  DHR has moved out of Second Life and into the real world via our website, which has just been redesigned with tons of information, links and resources for hypnosis enthusiasts of all experience levels.  Most importantly, we’ve grown from just five hypnotists and six sessions to forty-six hypnotists and we’ve just added our ninety-ninth session. 
DHR has grown well beyond my wildest dreams.  DESCENT owes so much of our success to those who’ve supported us and embraced the concept of DHR and this exciting and new medium.  It goes without saying that our success s would not have occurred without that support. 
For our One Hundredth Hypnosis Session, I’m excited to announce the celebration of one of our greatest artists, Isabella Valentine.   A true pioneer in the genre of Erotic and Femdom Hypnosis, Ms. Valentine has created resources and a community where all who love hypnosis of all kinds can discover and explore their wildest dreams and deepest fantasies.  Together with Maurice Williams, Ms. Valentine has built Inratured, a community dedicated to Femdom Hypnosis and other forms of hypnotic fun.  Inraptured gives us a forum for questions, thoughts and a way to share our hypnotic  experiences and knowledge with one another.

Lucid Matrix
Our newest session is Isabella Valentine’s “Lucid Matrix” and beginning today, you can hear it as a permanent addition to our daily broadcast.  Isabella Valentine describes this session in her own words…

"We are living in a matrix. A matrix is something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form. We are all lucid (meaning we are clear to the understanding and also infused with light) beings. Within the lucid matrix are ten dimensions, each one very VERY different from one another. Come along this truly extraordinary journey into the unknown, and discover for yourself which dimension you prefer the most (I'm a fan of the 8th dimension the most, which is known for its psychedelic trippiness).

This unisex recording is for trance practioners of all levels. No matter who you are, I'm confident you'll dig this. It has an erotic undertone to it, but in NO way does the recording focus around me. Instead the goal of the recording is to surround your mind with entrancing, trippy dimensions of reality, level by level. Discover the universe as a mind-expanding supermatrix where trance is so hot, you may think it's even better than sex. This is a perfect thing to listen to if you have doubts about trance and even more appropriate to listen to if you have a partner and want to increase intimacy.

I've wanted to make an mp3 like this for a long, long time, so it was important to me to research this to the absolute best of my ability. This is one of my all-time favorite subjects (physics) and I hope, I hope, I hope, you love this as much as I loved making this. I truly feel, on every level, this is an epic masterpiece. I look forward to hearing this on days I want to alter my consciousness; and it's safe - so it's easy to surrender to the trippiness of the trance."
- Isabella Valentine
Please visit Isabella at
Become part of the community at

Thank you to everyone in the hypnosis community who has made the past two and a half years fun and adventurous.   There’s so much more to come on DHR and I hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I will.

- Romeo
     DHR Program Director

Monday, July 8, 2013

Find Your Peace With Mistress Candice

Enjoy a full and free non-erotic hypnosis session.  Feel your body go limp and let go as you experience total relaxation and peace.

Visit Mistress Candice at

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miss Kay's "Love Magic"

Join Miss Kay in her Voodoo Priestess shop through this hypnosis session. Start off in the busy streets of Louisiana, and be drawn in to the peaceful yet sexually charged atmosphere of Miss Kay’s Voodoo Magic Shop. The power behind the words spoken in this session is unlike anything else you may have heard before. This journey will help you develop a love and devotion to Miss Kay.


Miss Kay has shared the following and will be an ongoing contributor to DESCENT Blogs in the future.

Erotic Hypnosis is definitely accentuated when a hypnotist is not only gifted at her evocative art, but if she also has a sexy, compelling voice.  The signature voice of a "tist" is the paintbrush that applies the myriad of paint colors to a blank canvas.  The brushstrokes have to be deliberate and perfect and the finished piece of art has to be fascinating and breathtaking.  I treat my work and calling as an erotic hypnotist with the attention to detail of a true artist.   I am also studying psychology at the university level to perfect my art.  I think of my psych classes as "art school" for the serious, professional hypnotist.   

Hypnosis is a form of seduction and a sensual voice plays a great part in the act of seduction, enhancing its power exponentially.  A sexy and dreamy voice, accompanied by an alluring music track or a subliminally arousing whisper track, is irresistible.  Some of my live hypno subjects and mp3 file aficionados have complimented me and told me what a passionate and beautiful voice I have.  They also claim that they could recognize my voice even if they only heard a short recorded sample and were told to guess whose voice this is... My hypno voice is that memorable and that influential.  

I invite all Descent Hypnosis visitors to check out my dark, daring and mesmerizing Louisiana Voodoo Shop file titled "Love Magic" on the Descent Hypnosis Radio playlist and also to check out the files I offer for your purchase and delectation at my website  Let me add that I also write and produce custom recordings from my professional home studio and if you are interested in a custom file for your personal listening pleasure, inquire via email about my production fee and leadtime:


Follow Miss Kay on Twitter @CallMissKay

Thursday, June 13, 2013

DHR Welcomes Nikki Fatale!

Have you ever been aroused by the thought of being hypnotized?   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one of the most beautiful female voices entrance you into complete playful submission.  Have you ever wanted to awaken your bedroom with playful erotic suggestions?  Have you ever wanted to explore a secret fetish in the privacy of your own home?  
We here at DESCENT Hypnosis Radio couldn’t be more excited than we are today.  It brings such joy to announce the arrival of two true legends in Erotic Hypnosis.  To celebrate the addition of Nikki Fatale to our broadcast family, two sessions will be added to our lineup this week.  From Nikki’s Because Series, Because I: Obey & Because II: Surrender, can now be heard each day as part of our broadcast.  These sessions can be heard on DHR beginning today and will be featured through this weekend.

Sessions by Nikki Fatale can be found at
Follow on Twitter at @HypnoFantasy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ladies' Night Is Back!

As Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, I’d like to reintroduce a DHR Summer tradition.  Each Friday this summer will feature Ladies’ Night on DHR.  From 1pm US Eastern on Friday to 1pm the following Saturday, You’ll only hear hypno sessions by our female artists.  We’ve also got new artists coming DHR; including Ember, Madam Raison Detre and Nikki Fatale! 
This summer’s gonna rock and I hope you’ll join in on the fun and relaxation.


Follow me on Twitter @DescentHypnosis

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lady Lana On YouTube

To mark the launch of Lady Lana’s YouTube channel, DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is excited to introduce a new session to our growing radio playlist as well as provide an example of the hypnosis videos you’ll be able to find on YouTube.  “Are You Hypnotized” can now be heard on DHR each day.  Below, you can view, “Hypnotic Goddess MindFuck”, the first of many new hypnosis sample videos coming to

Are You Hypnotized

This erotic hypnosis mp3 can be listened equally both by sophisticated hypno fetishists or those who are just dipping in into the hypnotic fun. This session is rather short compared to the other files that I’ve made.  Originally it was going to be an induction for a longer hypno session that I was going to make, but in the end I liked it the way it is on its own as a stand-alone recording.
This is my softer side of erotic hypnosis, with no extra brutality added. As a femdom hypnotist I rarely go this soft, but believe me, this is nice…and you don’t even have to be into female domination to listen to this file.

Boring, right? Not quite. You’ll be listening this on repeat over and over again… and getting your your dose of ummms… in the process.  Think of it as guided meditation for trance fetishists.

And while you are trying to figure out if you’re indeed hypnotized, your subconscious mind may start playing tricks on you and convince your conscious mind that you really have no idea of where you are,. You may find bending the edges of the reality just so very slightly, so very gently, and twisting them around… just enough…All the while doing so in the most comfortable and relaxing manner. Yes, you may really relax while listening to this erotic hypnosis file. There are no post hypnotic suggestions or triggers implanted in your mind. This is as safe and relaxing as it gets.
The only downside is it may get addictive… but in that case you just may listen to it again, and again…

Multiple layers of trance tracks and soft voice lead the subject into the light state of trance. You’re not likely to go very deep, it can be listened to anytime, mid day or midnight.

Learn More about Lady Lana's YouTube Channel at
Visit Lady Lana's Website at

Follow Lady Lana on Twitter @LadyLana

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mistress Sennett's "Healing Hypnosis"

In this DHR Exclusive session, Mistress Sennett will activate the healing abilities that lie within your own mind and body.  Your mind is a powerful tool and this session will make your healing energy will surge.  I know you’ll enjoy this spiritual healing session and want to experience more of Mistress Sennett’s style of Intense Hypnosis. 

“Healing Hypnosis” will be available for free next week and you can download it at .

Follow Mistress Sennett on Twitter @SweetMistress .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Darth Kyra Wins March Madness Bracket Challenge

Congratulations go out to our newly crowned March Madness Hypno Bracket Queen, Darth Kyra.  Darth Kyra successfully picked 35 winners out of 63 games that were played in the tournament, including the champion (Louisville Cardinals).  Awesome Job, Darth Kyra!
As the winner of our contest and the bragging rights for the hypnosis community for the next year, Darth Kyra also takes home a hypnosis MP3 by Amethyst of 

Thank you to everyone who participated this year and we look forward to more fun next year.

Very special thanks to our 2013 sponsor, Amethyst.  Please visit her site to explore your hypnosis fantasies.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Relax With Hypnotic Haylee

Be free of distractions, have an open mind, and listen with headphones for the best experience.
A short clip to experience a relaxing trance. This will help you get a better idea of what it feels like to relax, and fall deeply in to trance for and with me. When you find yourself craving more of my voice, you will go to my websites to listen and learn more.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Madness Returns to DESCENT

Alright Hoops Fans, March Madness is once again upon us and it’s time to show off your knowledge of college basketball and root for your favorite team.  Again this year, I’ve created a Yahoo! Tournament Group.  This year’s competition will be sponsored by Amethyst at who’ll be giving the winner the opportunity choose any existing hypnosis mp3 from her catalog.  You can also register to win the big $10,000 prize from Yahoo! You’ll also win bragging rights over the entire hypnosis community for the next year.  The winner’s name will be posted on the DESCENT Homepage and Tweeted out for all to see.
Deadline to submit your bracket is 12:15pm EDT on Thursday, March 21.
The link to the group is
The password is “hypno”
For reference, Group Id# is 61865

A very special thanks to Amethyst for sponsoring this promption and providing the top prize for this contest.  Please visit her website to see what you might be winning! This prize includes only existing files and does not include customer mp3s. .

Good Luck!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Power Of Mistress Carol


This weekend, DHR brings to you a very special event.  “The Power of Mistress Carol” Hear It Before You Can Buy It Weekend.  All weekend long we’ll be bringing you extra broadcasts of your favorite Mistress Carol sessions along with a new session, “Deep Control Induction”. 
On Sunday, a very special opportunity to hear Mistress Carol’s newest session, “The Power Of Mistress Carol” at 1pm and again at 8pm US Eastern time.  These two special broadcast give you a chance to hear this session before you can buy when it becomes available on Monday March 18th.  And when you purchase this session, $5 will be donated to DESCENT Hypnosis Radio to help us to continue streaming to you for free.  Be sure to visit on Monday for all the details.
“The Power Of Mistress Carol”

Relax, listen, enjoy, and submit. The Power of Mistress Carol will begin by putting you in a very deep relaxing state, allowing you to just “let go” of all your worries and cares, and enter deep trance without thought. Opening the passage ways to obedience and pleasure, Mistress Carol’s sexy authoritative voice will swim through you mind, controlling and dominating your brainwaves. Using mild brainwashing techniques you will crave her voice and let her mold your mind. This session also contains tease and denial aspects that will keep you longing afterward, but refraining from touch at her command.

“Deep Control Induction”

I recorded this induction to use on my personal slaves in either recorded sessions or as a prelude to live hypnosis. I am very pleased how deeply they fall each and every time. This induction uses progressive relaxation techniques to induce deep relaxation and sleep. Dream of me, hypno-slave. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MISTRESS CANDICE FOR ALLOWING ME TO USE HER WORK AS INSPIRATION FOR MY DEVIOUS DESIGN.

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