Monday, November 17, 2014

DHR's 2014 Hypnotic Halloween

 In celebration of the coming holiday, DHR will be featuring hypnosis sessions with a Halloween twist.   For the next two weeks, you’ll hear these sessions mixed in with our regular playlist.  A special thanks to Nights Black Dawn, Ellechemy, Charlotte Grey, Mistress Sennett, Mistress Joanne and Chewtoy for their contributions and for being a part of this event.  Please be sure to visit these artists’ sites and explore their full catalog.  Let them know you heard them on DHR! Here’s a list of the sessions you’ll hear!

        This event runs from October 20th to November 2nd!


Halloween good of you to join Me once's that time of year...Halloween...All Hallow's matter what you call it, this is a most magickal time of year...a time of the living...and of the the spirit of things, I recorded this on Halloween tell Me, pet...have you ever fantasized about being seduced by a vampire? her voice haunting your dreams...her gaze magnetically unbreakable...fiery red hair...deep crimson lips...blood red in every direction...on a rainy and stormy night, the red rain turns the moon blood red and turns your thoughts to Me...I shall whisk you away from your life in the light and lure you down into the murky shadows of My happily give into temptation too great to resist for centuries and will fulfill Me with such sweet acquiescence...what will it feel like when I drink from your essence? will you be forever changed after listening to Red Rain? will it be difficult to recall? All good questions that can be answered one way...feed Me and feed your curiosity...listen to Red Rain now!" - Mistress Joanne

 Ellechemy – "Purr" Step beyond the bounds of mere possibility with Ellechemy. In this session, She will take you on a journey outside your physical form, transforming you to experience new kinds of bonding with your Goddess.


 Charlotte Grey - "Immortal Night Pt. I: The invitation" This is the first in the Immortal Night series, testing my vampiric compulsion upon you, my sweet. How will you know what comes next, if you don’t take the first step?


 Chewtoy – "Prey" Something waits for you in the darkness. You're trying to remember... if you're sure you want to get away.  Suggestions: enjoy thinking of yourself as prey; enjoy being caught.


 Mistress Sennett - "Blood And Bone Submission"
A bone chilling ride into submission to Mistress Sennett and a DHR Exclusive (Radio Edit)


 NightsBlackDawn - "Lady Silverfang"
Meet NightsBlackDawn (The Nightmare) in a dark forest at the stroke of midnight and your life will be changed forever.
Wake up belonging to the Vampire Hypnodomme... Her blood mingled with your own


 NightsBlackDawn – "Dream Kitten"

Spend an unusual Halloween Evening with the Dream-Kitten and learn a bit more about Life...and Death


 NightsBlackDawn – "Surrender To The Night"
The depths of the Night...calling you out of yourself, and into its blackest Heart... do you even Wish to resist? Ride the currents of the moonlit night with NightsBlackDawn


 NightsBlackDawn – "MoonWolf"

Trance out in a moonlit forest and find the Alien vampire hypnodomme, NightsBlackDawn, waiting for you with a Trance-formational Surprise. Like the Shamen of old, you'll turn from human to Wolf and find your inner animal spirit and strength.


 Shelle Rivers - "Kiss Of The Vampiress"

My sexy voice lures you closer to the place where I am.  My warm breath floods your ear.  You can almost feel the touch of My fingers against your skin.  You seem to drop, your mind disappears, the road back to where you were no longer there.  You can feel the danger with each small step but you don't care, you know you should turn back, but you can't.  She knew you would come, She knew you could not resist Her even if you tried.  You feel Her familiar presence, you must go to Her.  She needs you, She calls to you.  Nothing can stop                                                        you from Her desires.

Yes it is just that SEXY***COME SEE FOR YOURSELF. ***GIGGLES***

This Hypnotic tale is highly EROTIC and Climactic.
Turn off your lights, put your headphones on, and COME TO MY WORLD.  I'm wet and waiting!


 Shelle Rivers - "Vampiress"
Passion and longing DESIRE of a will hear her calls in the night and you will not resist.  Somewhat an artistic approach creates some startling and some quite intense and erotic effects-- to bring you to My world of Vampires.

This file is mesmerizing and thoroughly engrossing, delivered with a full palette of sounds and overt sexuality.  Princess of the Dark so vividly emerges and plays out My HOTTEST fantasy as you and I become one... Don't be afraid of the dark, I will protect you.---

Get naked and under the sheets with lights off and listen, don't be afraid...I will be with you.


 Shelle Rivers - "Trapped: The Dark Queen"

It's time to make a little visit to your "Dark Queen".  I will bring you to MY world for a little (evil) playtime.  I can't tell you where you might end up, that would spoil the surprise (trap), now wouldn't it.  I will tell you that I love f--king with your little brain....let's just say, I'll take you deep enough that you would                                                           follow Me anywhere, even on the darkest of                                                           nights.

"Follow Me, follow My voice!  Follow the sounds of My bats, follow My enthralling perfume, that's it, picture My deep BLOOD red lips and how they will feel.... you are getting closer and closer to Me... no turning back now...".  I bet you would follow Me anywhere, even if it were DANGEROUS, wouldn't you!

A wicked and scary most HYPNOTIC experience....

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mistress Leslie's Energy Exchange

In this session I explain and walk you through the experience of being psychically drained, while pulling you down into a very deep trance. You will be fully aware of the sensation of becoming empty and have a deflated feeling. Once you are the perfect husk, and I have taken all your energy, I then replace it with the energy of the Goddess. You will become the perfect vessel as you get refilled and gently come back, forever linked to Me. There are those among us whom have an ability to take, move, exchange, and manipulate energy. I am one of those people, and it is my pleasure to take you down this very submissive and erotic path.

    - Mistress Leslie

You can now hear this session as part of our DHR Daily Broadcast beginning today


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Mind Control Broadcast: The Series

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is thrilled to present our first Hypnotic Series.  In 2012, We first introduced you to Chew Toy’s Mind Control Broadcast.   This sequel to Mind Control Broadcast begins a new series: the evil super villain’s weekly mind-control radio show.  Each week a short trance built around new, interesting ideas that will stay with you, and deepen your susceptibility to hypnotic control...

“Inspired by some fun real-world play and a phrase I've always liked... this sequel to Mind Control Broadcast is the first in a series, the evil super villain from the previous recording's new weekly mind-control radio show. Each episode centers around a new way to deepen your submission to hypnotic control.”   - Chew Toy

Thanks to all who tuned in and enjoyed Mind Control Broadcast.  Visit to hear all 13 episodes again!

Online at
On Twitter at @WellGnawed

Lady Skyla Comes To DESCENT Hypnosis Radio

Skyla, to our DESCENT Hypnosis Radio family and to our broadcast as she shares her creation, The Hypnotic Massage with our fans and listeners.  We’re extremely excited to bring this talented new artist to you and give you the opportunity to experience her amazing style of hypnosis.

Greetings, my name is Lady Skyla

I have been openly evolved in hypnosis and erotic hypnosis for just over 2 years now. My intent as a hypnotist is to bring my subjects into a place of peace, and deeper understanding. Most of my work is intended to bring you, the subject, into a safe, open space in your mind, and free you from the constraints of the mundane. I have been lucky enough, to be taught, by some of the greatest minds of this community. My hypnotic styling is my own, and it comes very naturally to me.

I am a poetic woman, with a flair for using my words to caress your mind, even outside of trance. I am very excited to finally be here on Descent Hypnosis radio, and look forward to, bringing you wonderful hypnotic experiences.

I hope you enjoy my brand new work, The Hypnotic Massage. This piece sends the listener into a journey of music, relaxation, and expanding your minds barrier. Thank you for listening!

      Lady Skyla~

Please Follow on Twitter @LadySkyla
Visit online at

New Music from 208 Talks To Angels

We're excited to bring you the music of this talented band from The Russian Federation. 

Please visit their site to learn all about them and show your support.

Goddess Marquesa's The Bunny Ranch

"The "Bunny Ranch" is a long-established brothel RESTING below the out-SKIRTS of Sin City...Las Vegas, Nevada.

Guess who has just acquired it for Her very own PLEASURE PARLOUR?
Mistress Marquesa of course!
I have trained the beautiful, young girls who work and play there in the AROUSING arts of sleepy persuasion.

Descend in an elevator car down to your hypnotic destination. Marquesaメs Bunny Ranch. 

Enjoy powerful and POTENT double inductions taking you deeper.

A dark haired Delilah you have always dreamed about.
But that's just for starters in your SEDUCTION. I've lavished My sexy sirens with wonderific TOYS to assist in the X-citing entrancement of the unsuspecting or playboy HORNY men who cum to My Bunny Ranch!

"EMBRACE the experience of My irresistible new adult recreation and "recruitment center's" devilish delights!
Before we know it, you'll be one of *MY* available, [deliciously finger-lickin good to the last DECADENCE drops] eager, energized, and oh! soooo ENERGETIC plaything.

Imagine as MUCH as you can handle of the many, many erotic and 'exotique' ways I will use you for My pleasures!"

The BIG question is will you remember how you came about this intense pleasure in the first placeナor will you forget.

Follow @GoddessMarquesa

Amethyst's Insatiable Trance Junkie

Slip away from the world & your troubles in this soft, seductive, and intense trance.  Deepening you over and over while intensifying the pleasure you feel.  This is all a recipe for you to become an Insatiable Trance Junkie.

Follow Amethyst Amethyst_Hypno

Marc CAbots' Dream A Little Dream

DHR is excited to be able to bring to you a special presentation of Marc Cabot’s Audiobook, Dreams Of Control: Dream A Little Dream. 

About Marc Cabot

I'm Marc Cabot, author of the "Dreams of Control" series of erotic mind control stories and other works. In addition to being an erotic hypnosis enthusiast, I'm also a real-life hypnotherapist. Don't worry, I don't get the two things confused. Well, hardly ever.

I'm a frequent presenter at EHU's, a trained hypnotherapist, an active participant in the Chicago hypnosis scene, and an expert in many useless fields.

About Dream A Little Dream

Brian Cartwright has it all. Almost. His beautiful wife loves him and they have a pleasant life... but there are a few flies in the ointment. One, Cindy gets terrible headaches that put her in bed for days at a time. Two, even when she's not sick, Cindy's not as...enthusiastic as she could be in the bedroom. But Brian's determined to find a way to help her. And his discovery of the many uses of hypnosis may turn out to be the solution to both problems. Before long Cindy's so relaxed her headaches don't stand a chance. And soon after that, the rest of her starts feeling even better!

Hear our presentation of this full audio book July 5th at 11pm EDT and again July 6th at 3p EDT.

You can purchase your own copy of Dreams Of Control: Dream A Little Dream by purchasing at the following sites.



Follow Marc on Twitter @DreamsOfControl

DESCENT Welcomes Miss Isis

Please join me in welcoming my good friend, Miss Isis, to our Radio Family. Miss Isis is the person who started the wheels in motion for MEEHU, the Midwest's first erotic hypnosis convention. She has been involved in the BDSM since early 2000. She has experienced firsthand the joys of erotic hypnosis, hypnotist and as a subject. Miss Isis enjoys sharing her passion with others, showing them how much fun they can have with erotic hypnosis, and how hypnosis can enhance BDSM play. She currently hosts a monthly gathering to provide a safe space where people can come together to learn, ask questions, and discover how they can add the magic of erotic hypnosis to their lives. Miss Isis has also presented on erotic hypnosis at Kinky Kollege in Rosemont, IL

Miss Isis enjoys using hypnosis to create a deep intense bdsm experience for her subjects and listeners.

You can now listen to her first offering “Tranced Through The Fog” as part of our daily broadcast and it’s our featured session all weekend long. 

Visit Miss Isis at

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DHR Welcomes Mistress Crimson

I've been waiting a long long time to have the chance to introduce Mistress Crimson to you all because I finally get to tell you about my own early experiences in hypnosis.  After nearly two years of effort and not measurable trance experience, I'd nearly given up on trying to go under.  Files and the hypnotists I'd worked with had no real luck in doing more than simply relaxing me or taking me into what I now recognize as a very light trance state.

I was introduced to Mistress Crimson and from the moment she spoke, I could tell something special was about to happen.  I followed her instructions, as a good subject should, and allowed her to guide me to a place that I had only dreamed of.  I'd never felt such bliss.  I'd never known such comfort.  I literally felt myself sink into the sofa and become one with it as I was wrapped in all of its softness.  I often refer to it as "having the rug pulled out from under me and falling through the floor and then being wrapped in that rug and thrown into a river of happiness."  It was drug-like in nature and I never wanted to leave that place.  After letting me drift for a couple hours, I was finally brought back to reality.  Admittedly, I was dazed and confused for the rest of the day. I don't recall much in the way of suggestions or triggers that day.  The experience was purely hypnotic bliss and my life was literally changed by what I felt.  The best part of all was that I got to experience it all over again the very next day!

I hope your first experience with Mistress Crimson is a special one and please join me in welcoming her to our DHR Broadcast Family.



Online at Sensual-Hypnosis.comFollow on Twitter @WyckedCrimson

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing Mistress Noa

DESCENT is thrilled to introduce a talented young hypnotist who'll soon be a rising star in the community. 

Her first contribution to DHR is a non-erotic session entitled
Journey Into Peace. 

Here are  few facts about Mistress Noa.

From:  Belgium
Age: 19

"I was hypnotized for the first time when I was 14 at a party. I became a hypnotist in September 2012. From then, I had a lot of fun in the hypnosis community, getting to know people. My main goal in hypnosis is to make people enjoy themselves.
I am self-taught and trained and have been working with a mentor who has been trained in a 1 on 1 basis so that my learning does not ever stop."
    -Mistress Noa

Get to know Mistress Noa by following her on Twitter @Mistress Noa

Be sure to let her know you heard her on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!

Shelle Rivers' Mission: Imposible

Hello Agent,
There has been some strange reports lately about a mysterious Woman, she calls Herself Domina Shelle.  All who come in contact with Her seems to never be the same, even the most powerful.

When interrogated using our advanced methods the results are the same---the subjects never say anything--- well, except incoherent things.  They only babble about spells, being bound, love, devotion and submission.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather intel by approaching Her (Domina Shelle).  We think that She uses hypnosis, so BE CAREFUL and whatever you do NEVER become aroused in Her presence, we suspect it's how She first gains control of Her victims.  It might sound silly, but She is said to have magical powers....something mystical and BEWARE.

Online at
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We Have A Winner!

I'm thrilled to announce the winner of our 2014 DESCENT Bracket Challenge, Simrac.

In one of the craziest tournaments in years, Simrac was fan enough to make the right picks when they counted and skyrocket to the top of the group.

Simrac takes home the DHR Crystal
(picture) and bragging rights for the next year.  He also has won the hypnosis MP3 of his choice from the vast catalog of Amethyst of

Congratulations to you, Simrac.  You're our 2014 DESCENT Sports Super Fan!

Ellechemy's Dispersion

 Dispersion scatters what was unified to reveal a spectrum of characteristics. Follow Me on a short journey through your own scattering, your entrancement... your Dispersion.

Ellechmey is:

Online at
On Twitter @Ellechemy

Friday, July 18, 2014

Amethyst's Brain Drain

Brain Drain comes to DHR from Amethyst's Loops Collection.
The deeper that you move into trance, the more your brain is emptied into mindlessness.  The corridors of your mind are then reprogrammed with new words, thoughts, and feelings that align with your devotion to Mistress Amethyst

This one just might knock you out!

Amethyst is
Online at
On Twitter @Amethyst_Hypno

Meditation IS Hypnosis

We are seeing it more and more in the mainstream but I have been telling you all along that this is what it is and this is how it works.  So now Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Katy Perry meditate - just to name a few.  As a society we have been programmed to place those people who are celebrity on a higher status than others and whatever they endorse is something to be taken as truth.  This is the reason it is becoming more popular.

Nevertheless, I'm pleased to see meditation becoming more publically accepted.  Even the Mayo Clinic, NIH and webmd are spouting the benefits.  Well, it's about bloody time.

Anyone who has worked with me over the years will tell you that part of my overall introduction and continuing training is at least 10 minutes a day of daily meditation. 

So what has it got to do with hypnosis?  Do you not yet see that meditation IS hypnosis?  Let me spell out the correlation in case you still haven't gotten it:  Meditation uses techniques to promote relaxation.  These techniques still the body and quiet the mind  with one of the ultimate goals being a sense of overall peace and well-being.  In this quiet and relaxed state, one is open and accepting to new ideas and suggestions.  Sound familiar?

Let's take it one step further to guided meditation.  Meditation with a voice guiding you, speaking directly to you to influence your meditative experience.  Often times, with a guide, your meditation can be a fuller, richer and even more beneficial.  

This is the same with hypnosis, is it not?  Before ALL of my sessions, I do remind you that "all hypnosis is self hypnosis".  Certainly you see the parallels now. 

Yes, you can hypnotize yourself, and deeply so... but you can go much further and deeper with a guide.  1 out of 5 people are easily hypnotized and open to suggestions when in a hypnotic state.  Easily influenced under the right circumstances. 

We all reach a state of trance to some degree throughout every day of our lives.... reaching a destination but not remembering the drive getting there ... being totally engrossed in a book or TV program and not hearing someone call your name.  You're focused.  Completely focused on one thing and one thing only.  Your conscious mind goes into automatic pilot.

The key in both meditation and hypnosis is focusing - completely.  Being still, relaxed and open and quieting your mind.  Becoming so completely immersed in the moment that you have no sense of time or space.  You can do this alone or with the sound of another person's voice as your guide.  

Practice it for yourself.  10 minutes a day (to start).  Still your body and quiet your mind.  

Trust me, once this becomes part of your routine, you will not want to ever give it up.  It's that good.  It's that real.  And it's that beneficial on so many levels.   I'd like to hear your experiences with self hypnosis and meditation.  Email me and I'll post your responses next week.

This article was written by Lady Inamorata and  appeared originally on March 16, 2014 at

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Power Of Mistress Carol

Come drop into my control with a unique mind numbing induction followed by intense brainwashing while teasing your cock and molding your mind. I will leave a wonderful trigger behind for you to experience long after this session leaves your ears. Themes: Deep trance, brainwashing, tease and denial, trigger placement. Effects include brainwashing, background music, background vocals, background effects and binaural beats.

                  **** SUPPORT DHR ****


Buy yours today at The Power Of Mistress Carol.

Visit Mistress Carol online at MyHypnoticDomain
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

DESCENT Welcomes Mistress Leslie

This is Mistress Leslie and I am the creator and owner of  On my website you can find my hypnosis mp3 sessions, and my musings, and other goodies. You can also find ways to interact with Me. I list my phone and domination services and how to make them happen.

Let me explain a little about who I am, and what I have to offer the hypnosis for pleasure community. My background includes over ten years of being a professional Dominatrix, and over four years of doing live hypnosis. I am definitely at my core an authentic HypnoDom. I have chosen to focus on live sessions in my past, but have branched out into creative mp3 hypnosis sessions, check those out at my site the list is always growing!

I love to use traditional hypnosis and mind control techniques weaved artfully into a creative erotic hypnosis session.  What is most important to Me as a hypnotist is putting my subject into a very deep trance. I might just become a delicious new addiction for you! Be prepared to go deep and to fully enjoy yourself, while I play my cat and mouse game with you! I am as skilled as I am diverse, and I love to take control and take you unexpected and exciting places during trance.

I offer live phone, email, and recorded interactions and domination… so stop by Mistress Leslie's seductive hypnotic lair at and join in the wicked fun I have planned for you!

My site
Follow me on Twitter @HypnoLeslie

Female Supremacy

You are now invited to join this new utopian world. As you learn more about it you will find yourself being reprogrammed to join the ranks of other men. That’s right this is a female run society. The women in your life decided it was time you were reprogrammed, that it was time to join. All men will be invited over time, every last one of you. Your invitation and training starts today. How is that done you ask? Well in many ways, one way is through deep relaxation, so that your mind is then ready for its reprogramming, how do you get to that state? Well I take care of all that for you, no worries! Some will be classic hypnotic techniques, and other things like a soft vapor filtered into a tightly packed space, and then your reprogramming starts.

Your reprogramming is deep, it takes about 38 minutes, and it has long lasting results, but programming can be boosted by repeating often. Techniques used are hypnosis induction, relaxation imagery, brain washing, sensory over load, and sexual reprogramming. You will experience deep relaxation, arousal triggers, post hypnotic suggestion, and a sexual release command. Enjoy and welcome to the new world! WHERE WOMEN RULE, and men know their place.

Friday, May 9, 2014

March Madness 2014

Alright Hoops Fans, March Madness is once again upon us and it’s time to show off your knowledge of college basketball and root for your favorite team.  Again this year, I’ve created a Yahoo! Tournament Group.  This year’s competition will be sponsored by Amethyst, of , who’ll be awarding the winner the opportunity choose any existing hypnosis mp3 from her catalog.  You can also register to win the big $1,000,000,000 prize from Yahoo! You’ll also win bragging rights over the entire hypnosis community for the next year.  The winner’s name will be posted on the DESCENT Homepage and Tweeted out for all to see.

Register today and begin filling your bracket out on March 16th.  The deadline to submit is 1:00am EDT on Thursday, March 20.

The link to the group is  Yahoo Billion $ Bracket Challenge

Password is “hypno”

For reference, Pool ID#: 59850

A very special thanks to Amethyst for sponsoring this promption and providing the top prize for this contest.  Please visit her website to see what you might be winning! 

This prize includes only existing files and does not include custom mp3s. .
This contest is open to ALL and is FREE to join!

UPDATE! - Congratulations to our winner, Simrac, who proved he is the best of us all and had the top bracket in this year's competition.  We'll see Y'all next year to see who can dethrone him.

Siren's Spell by Lee Allure

Written by RC Writes, voiced by Lee Allure, this captivating 31min audio file takes you on a journey, tells you a story, deeply hypnotizes and spellbinds you until you're the willing captive, happily agreeing with your seductive Siren, Every listen takes you further and makes you feel even better.

DESCENT Welcomes Tessa Fields

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is extremely excited to be able to announce Tessa Fields as part of our broadcast family.  Tessa is an artist whom I've wanted to include in DHR since we first signed on and we're thrilled to debut her session, Mindless. 
  "I am Tessa Fields, erotic hypnotist and sexual adventurer. I'm in my sixth year of creating hypnotic femdom erotica and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I love it, live it, and cannot get enough of it. Most know me as a skilled hypnotist with a subtle touch and lover of creative induction experiences. I am an adventurer at heart and I’d hope that my subjects would be just as willing to try anything once. I do not consider myself a “catch-all” hypnotist as of course I prefer some content over others, but I love that hypnosis can take one anywhere, even experiencing things with great realism under the safety of the controlled environment of trance. I've been referred to as understated and I attribute that to my clinical hypnotherapy background. I am not a follower. I am an artist. Like all art, I’m not for everybody. My approach tends to be subtle, but make no mistake in assuming it is any less effective. I’m like a slow poison, infecting you beyond the point of help before you can become aware that an antidote is needed.

Learn more about the experience that is Tessa Fields at and immerse yourself in a taste of my hypnotica with a couple of free sessions at"

This hypnosis session is designed to make you a blank slate. You’ll float in an open void feeling helpless and mindless unable to fight my control. Feel the power of my words as I empty your mind of your own will and insert my own. You’ll be ready to obey and respond to my will with a whisper from my lips.

Discover Tessa Fields at
Follow Tessa on Twitter @HypnoTessa
Like Tessa on Facebook at

Read And Fall by Nikki Fatale

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is proud to be able to bring you sessions from Nikki Fatale’s catalogue at HypnoFantasyDownload.  Our newest addition comes at the request of DHR fans who’re extremely familiar with Nikki’s work  “Read And Fall” is a work of art and I know you’ll enjoy this classic Nikki Fatale Session.

 "This Erotic hypnosis session will offer the subject a trigger that will allow them to choose to fall into any into any Erotic Hypnosis Story that they read.  Fall into the story, allow yourself to deeply FEEL the emotions of the characters involved.

Use this power carefully ;) "

        - Nikki

Visit HypnoFantasyDownload

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shelle Rivers' Power Of Mind

Our first New Release of the new year comes from our good friend and long time DHR Artist, Shelle Rivers.  DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is proud to present Power Of Mind.

Let Me take you to a nice COMFY, most COZY colorful and EROTIC place, an easy to imagine place (a place that you may have SECRETLY traveled before), a BLISSFUL place where you can let go and let Me take COMPLETE control ...let your most sexual desires be fulfilled...Where My suggestions are your commands.

In your weakened state I will guide you to and inevitable release just for Me...followed by a surprise that you would not have imagined.

This file is--- D/s, brainwashing, obedience, guided masturbation and a hint of amnesia.

***So you MUST listen NOW!***
        -Shelle Rivers

DESCENT Welcomes Emma Evans

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is so excited to announce that Emma Evans has joined our radio family.  She comes to us with over 14 years of experience, with a style and skill I know you’re going to love. Emma offers live sessions and MP3 Hypnosis Recordings.  Find out more about Emma Evans and explore her catalog at these sites.

@TrancewithMe on Twitter

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lady Inamorata's "Erotic Awakening"

It's time to awaken your imagination and eroticism with this new session by Lady Inamorata.  It's now part of our daily broadcast and will be featured all weekend long.  Explore Lady Inamorata at and follower her on Twitter @LadyInamorata

"Super You" By The Muse

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero for a day?  Here’s your chance!  DHR is excited to bring you “Super You” by The Muse.  This session is now part of our daily broadcast.

Discover The Muse at and follow her on Twitter @fkmuse

Amethyst Mist By Amethyst

Amethyst Mist

Many of you know that I was a clinical hypnotherapist working in an office environment for several years. This was a session that I would always give my clients, no matter what reason they were coming to see me, and they LOVED it! They always received their sessions on a cassette, made right there in the office for them. My clients would always come back to report that this was the cassette that they listened to the most. It was my "signature" recording.

Amethyst Mist will guide you through a releasing process, where you will be cleansed of 29 unwanted emotions. You will then be surrounded by a protective shield and given a trigger word for Peace and Calm, which you can give yourself at any time.

Enjoy this sessions starting today on DHR!
Visit Amethyst at
Follow on Twitter @Amethyst_Hypno and on Facebook