Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arkadia Joins DHR!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Arkadia. Arkadia is a female hypnotist living and working in England. Her particular thrill is in controlling your mind, soothing your subconscious with gentle, velvet seductions; and ultimately transforming you into her plaything. Arkadia’s hypnosis includes themes of FemDom, Love and Addiction, Transformation and Hypnofantasy.

I’m very excited to announce that Arkadia has joined the DESCENT Family of Hypnotists and you can now experience “Mind Rain” each day on DHR. “Mind Rain” is a devious and rapturous brainwashing session. Love, addiction, desire, and devotion with binaurals, isochronics and subliminals buried in pink noise… Do you dare?

Please visit Arkadia’s website to explore her hypnosis library. Many sessions are free! Be sure to let her know you heard about her on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!

Monday, March 19, 2012

DHR Welcomes Lady Radiance

My name is Lady Radiance. I’ve been expressing Myself through erotic hypnosis and guided meditation since 2004 when I started building My website from scratch. My passion has now filled My life with pleasure and happiness for the past 8 years. Much to My surprise it just keeps getting more and more passionate, more and more creatively exciting - and each session I create is one tiny step onto new grounds for Me. I like learning as I go along, and although the changes in My sessions are only subtle, they ARE there. I am constantly inspired by e-mails and messages I get from listeners all over the world, and thanks to all My followers, friends and devoted ones I just keep getting better ……and better…….and better.

I am fortunate.

I am blessed.

I am Lady Radiance, FemDom Hypnotist and lifestyle Domme for over 17 years.

** ** **

I would very much like to share one of My mp3 sessions with the listeners of DHR. It’s called “Liquid Oddity" - 37 minutes long.

MANY more of My hypnotically seductive and mesmerizing mp3s can be found on

"Liquid Oddity" can now be heard throughout each day as part of the DHR playlist.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness Has Arrived

For all you NCAA Hoops fans, I’ve created a Yahoo! Tournament Group.  This is just for fun and no prize will be awarded by DESCENT.  You can register to win the big $10,000 prize from Yahoo! and bragging rights of the hypnosis communities.  I’ll post the winner’s name on the DESCENT Homepage.  So get that bracket filled out and join today.  The deadline to submit your bracket is 12:15pm EDT on Thursday March 15th. 
Here's the link to the group.

For reference, here's the group information.

Group ID#: 189747

Password: hypno

Good Luck!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The 411 on NEEHU3

A message from ,Mephki, the host of NEEHU3...

The New England Erotic Hypnosis [un]Conference, AKA NEEHU is a marvelous place where people who are interested in hypnosis come together to learn, share, play, and explore. Classes cater to all levels of hypnosis experience; beginners can spend a whole day at our 101 level track; there is lots of programming and discussion geared towards subjects, and there are more advanced discussions, determined by YOUR interests. It's held in a well equipped dungeon facility in Hartford, CT from April 27-29, 2012. This event attracts fascinating and extraordinarily talented people from all over the country! For more information, check out our website,, or our Fetlife group .

RSVP for the event on the NEEHU3 Fetlife event page! .

Buy your ticket at . Prices go up 3/15, so if you want to save $10, get them now!

Until March 15, general admission is $60, and it gets you:

* General admission to the convention for Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday until 5PM

* Admission to all of our classes, workshops, demos, and an exciting erotic hypno stage show and other hypnotic entertainment

* Admission to The Society’s play parties on Friday and Saturday nights

* Lots of food, that accommodates multiple dietary restrictions

Book your hotel room!

Looking for a roommate? Got a room and want to share? There's a Fetlife link for that too!

Book your travel. For those of you coming from out of town, there is a free airport shuttle. Should you want to come by land, there is carpooling being organized in the NEEHU group!

Check out the Fetlife group

Schedule can be found at the following link.

Start getting excited!

Early Registration: Until March 15, 2012

NELA Associates/Society Members: $50

General: $60

Regular registration: March 15, 2012 12PM

NELA Associates/Society members: $60

General: $70

If you have any questions, if you really want to go to NEEHU but don't know how to make it happen, if you are longing to see something presented, or want to present something... send a message to Mephki on Fetlife at or to Mephki and she will try her hardest to make it happen.

The deadline to book a hotel room at our discounted group rate is April 1!

Visit the NEEHU3 website at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mistress Carol's "You Will Obey" (Remastered)

Mistress Carol has been part of DESCENT Hypnosis Radio since the day we first signed on for broadcast. “You Will Obey” was one of the first sessions streamed on DHR. Mistress Carol has revisited the recording and remastered what was already an amazing session.

Mistress Carol describes “You Will Obey (Remastered)” in her own words…

I know you enjoyed the original. Fall into my control with this classic seductive remastered session. This is a conditioning session designed to introduce you to my voice. Once you have become accustomed to hearing my commands and my tone of voice it will become easier for you to fall deep into trance and under my control. This session takes you on a journey into the garden of my domain. Once there I will drop you into a deep trance and continue to drop you deeper. Come into my garden said the spider to the fly! Contains dual tracks, background music and vocals, and bilateral binaural beats.

Beginning this weekend, you can hear “You Will Obey (Remastered)” as part of our regular daily playlist. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this session so much you’ll want a copy of your own. Mistress Carol has generously allowed you to download this remastered masterpiece for free at her web site . Just click on the following link. .

You’ll find many more great hypnosis session at . Be sure to pay her a visit for "Erotic Hypnosis For The Submissive In You".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lost In Paradise By Shelle Rivers

Feel the full effect and power of My voice as you enter My paradise...I will bring you peace, serenity, relaxation and the truest feeling of perfect submission, as you enter a paradise that I have created just for you.

Listen and feel your mind drift away with your Princess-Domina...I am your Domina, I will take special care of your subconscious mind while you sleep***GIGGLES***

- Shelle Rivers

Lost In Paradise is the newest release by Shelle Rivers for DESCENT Hypnosis Radio and beginning today, you can hear it throughout the day on DHR.