Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sharing Is Caring By Slut In My Head

NEW RELEASE - "Sharing Is Caring"
Not everyone is into every file I make. This is all the more reason to listen. This is where you get to see how well hypnosis really works. If you're already into something, what do you need hypnosis for? It's your hypnotist's obligation to make you like new things. This is not the same as avoiding files that might adversely affect your life, which is completely understandable. This file further indoctrinates you into the erotic hypnosis community. It makes you want to leave feedback in the comments section and in the forums under Success Stories. Be inspired to review files. This recording encourages you to find your own way to get involved.  - Slut In My Head
You can now hear this session as part of our DHR Daily Playlist!  Be sure to visit SIMH's website to explore his entire hypnosis catalog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Hypnotic Treat


Hypnotic Halloween Event
In celebration of the coming holiday, DHR will be featuring hypnosis sessions with a Halloween twist.   For the next two weeks, you’ll hear these sessions mixed in with our regular playlist.  A special thanks to Nights Black Dawn, Ellechemy, Arkadia, Mistress Sennett and Chewtoy for their contributions and enthusiasm for being a part of this event. 
Please be sure to visit these artists’ sites and explore their full catalog.  Let them know you heard them on DHR!
Here’s a list of the sessions you’ll hear!
Mistress Joanne - "Red Rain"
"Hello, My Halloween good of you to join Me once's that time of year...Halloween...All Hallow's matter what you call it, this is a most magickal time of year...a time of the living...and of the the spirit of things, I recorded this on Halloween tell Me, pet...have you ever fantasized about being seduced by a vampire? her voice haunting your dreams...her gaze magnetically unbreakable...fiery red hair...deep crimson lips...blood red in every direction...on a rainy and stormy night, the red rain turns the moon blood red and turns your thoughts to Me...I shall whisk you away from your life in the light and lure you down into the murky shadows of My happily give into temptation too great to resist for centuries and will fulfill Me with such sweet acquiescence...what will it feel like when I drink from your essence? will you be forever changed after listening to Red Rain? will it be difficult to recall? All good questions that can be answered one way...feed Me and feed your curiosity...listen to Red Rain now!"
- Mistress Joanne
Ellechemy – "Purr"
Step beyond the bounds of mere possibility with Ellechemy. In this session, She will take you on a journey outside your physical form, transforming you to experience new kinds of bonding with your Goddess.
Arkadia - "Immortal Night Pt. I: The invitation"
This is the first in the Immortal Night series, testing my vampiric compulsion upon you, my sweet. How will you know what comes next, if you don’t take the first step?
Chewtoy – "Prey"
Something waits for you in the darkness. You're trying to remember... if you're sure you want to get away.  Suggestions: enjoy thinking of yourself as prey; enjoy being caught.
Mistress Sennett - "Blood And Bone Submission"

A bone chilling ride into submission to Mistress Sennett and a DHR Exclusive (Radio Edit)
NightsBlackDawn - "Lady Silverfang"

Meet NightsBlackDawn (The Nightmare) in a dark forest at the stroke of midnight and your life will be changed forever.
Wake up belonging to the Vampire Hypnodomme... Her blood mingled with your own
NightsBlackDawn – "Dream Kitten"
Spend an unusual Halloween Evening with the Dream-Kitten and learn a bit more about Life...and Deat
NightsBlackDawn – "Surrender To The Night"

The depths of the Night...calling you out of yourself, and into its blackest Heart... do you even Wish to resist? Ride the currents of the moonlit night with NightsBlackDawn
NightsBlackDawn – "MoonWolf"
Trance out in a moonlit forest and find the Alien vampire hypnodomme, NightsBlackDawn, waiting for you with a Trance-formational Surprise. Like the Shamen of old, you'll turn from human to Wolf and find your inner animal spirit and strength.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

“Emotional Adjustment Station” By Hypno-Systems UK

“Emotional Adjustment Station” is the newest session to be contributed to DHR by Jocelyn Jensen of Hypno-Systems UK.

Walk down a long hall and find yourself in an unusual place of
emotional healing and re-adjustment which you may visit again and again.
(NOTE: The session has NOT ended at the time of the long pause! The pause
is there to allow unconscious healing work to be done.)
This is a Hypno-Systems UK extemporaneous recording-based audio.

DHR is excited to bring this new session to you and a Musical Bonus from HSUK.  "Groovin' On Midnight” is Trance Mistress Lynne's (AKA Hypnogoddess Dreamsender) second foray
into mixing music. Dedicated to her hypnotist Ian Webb, it sounds almost Like Jim Webb, popular
music composer of the last half of the 20th century, might have been guiding her mind at the
time of composition. Hypnogoddess Dreamsender/Trance Mistress Lynne
portion is the Entertainment Arm of Hypno-Systems UK.
You may visit her site at   This musical experience can be heard as part of the musical playlist between sessions and you can hear it in the YouTube video below. 

Be sure to visit the HSUK website to learn more about Jocelyn Jensen and her hypnosis sessions. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

After Hours With The Muse

In celebration of The Muse’s birthday, I’m proud to announce a new session entitled “Cherry Blossom Guided Meditation”.  Beginning today, you can enjoy this session as part of the DHR Playlist. 

In addition, I’m very proud to announce a joint project with The Muse.  We’ve teamed up to bring you a call in show with hypnosis as the main focus.  The show will be scheduled for a monthly live broadcast on and a rebroadcast on DHR.  The Muse will bring you interesting topics and guests in an enjoyable half hour broadcast.  Here are the details from The Muse.


In an effort to get a dialogue going about erotic hypnosis and meditation and mysticism I'm launching After Hours. That and I've always wanted my own chat show. You can call in and talk with me! This does two things:
1. Gives me a reason to talk to people at least once a month.
2. Lets you ask me your hypno related thusly freeing (hopefully) other hypnotists.
So there you have it, call me. Beware there might be a TARDIS or some lewd humor. As I am not sure of my first guests. Tune In

Tune in on October 19th at 1:30pm US Pacific Time (4:30 pm US Eastern) for our first Open Lines Broadcast of After Hours.