Monday, February 27, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome Mistress Candice!

I’m extremely excited to welcome Mistress Candice to the DESCENT Hypnosis Radio Family. Mistress Candice is a Dominatrix and Certified Hypnotist who specializes in erotic hypnosis. She uses every skill and talent at her disposal to alter fantasy and modify behavior. You can now experience that talent for yourself in “Alpha Male”. This session is now part of our daily DHR playlist.

Transform your life. Develop the Alpha Male within you. Awaken and grow your core confidence, intensify your sexual prowess. Are you ready to reveal in your sexual prowess? Are you ready to exude sexual energy? Are you ready to feel confident and strong when you walk into a room? The powerful tool to stimulate your personal growth, your ability to influence others is right here! It's time to let the information flow through you, to become part of your thought process. “Alpha Male” uses an overload induction and the latest technology with the power of suggestion and almost subliminal messaging to bombard the senses, making the absorption of the core message deeper.

I know you’ll enjoy this session as much as I have. Be sure to visit Mistress Candice’s website and don’t forget to let her know you’ve heard her on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome Jocelyn Jensen Of Hypno-Systems UK

Hypno-Systems UK, is an East Midlands hypnosis practice located in the heart of England. Specialties include: Audio/Video hypnosis multimedia, live online hypnosis sessions, web portal provision to other hypnosis professionals for the promotion and display of their work, and Hypnotic Social Networking. Hypno-Systems UK's primary working modality is Ericksonian Indirect/Conversational Hypnosis; however more direct and traditional hypnotic modalities are also available.

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is excited and proud to welcome Jocelyn Jensen of Hypno-Systems UK to our DHR Radio Family. You can now experience Jocelyn Jensen’s “Snow Whisper” as part of our daily playlist. A uniquely different session from any we’ve featured before. You’ll find yourself guided gently into a deep trance by the skillful whispers of Jocelyn Jensen. I guarantee that you’ve never experienced anything quite like this session and I know you’ll enjoy it.

Be sure to visit Jocelyn Jensen’s sites and experience all that she has to offer. Let her know that you heard about her on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I ♥ DHR!

This is a photo of two of my closest friends and supporters in the hypnosis community. Lee Allure ( and “Muzi” from ( They had the fortune of meeting at one of Lee’s recent seminars in NYC. They were kind enough to send me this photo of themselves holding the DESCENT Hypnosis “DH” and in doing so have inspired an idea in me.

DHR wants you to show your love by taking a photo of yourself, holding a sign that reads “I ♥ DHR!”. Be creative. Your sign can read anything you’d like to say about DHR and you can even add your favorite hypnotist’s name! If you don’t want to be in a photo, you can just take a photo of your sign. Anything goes! I’ll post the photos on this website and also on Twitter. DESCENT wants to see our fans and we invite you to show your love.

Mail your photos to  Include your name if you’d like to have it posted along with the photo.



Friday, February 3, 2012

Isabella Valentine's "Qrystal"

Hold on tight, Stardust. We're about to experience a journey that will feel very much like a roller coaster ride. It's so much more than a ride. You'll be safely tucked inside a enchanting crystal pendant as you are swung in infinite directions, carried within a thousand mirrored walls, spinning and swaying throughout the transient universe! It's a spectral recording, meaning it's not really sexual unless you have a fetish for "flying high." It has some erotic undertones to it, but its more psychedelic and trippy for those who like to have the full visual/feel/audio experience! If you got hooked to Lucid Matrix, this is right up your alley.

If you have a trance fetish, this will send you to that beautiful, sweet place where you are spun out of this world. If you've ever been curious about crystal pendants, this will certainly give you a fine crystal fetish. And if you have a color fetish, like I do, then this will open up new, fresh colors as you've never seen them before! It's lucid, fun, safe, trippy, and mind-expanding.

It is highly recommended you use stereo headphones for a few reasons. First, there are some reverb sound effects which can be better heard with headphones. My intention was to add an effect to my voice to make it appear as if I were speaking in a ROOM WITHOUT FLOORS (to better add to the weightless effect you feel). Second, there are close to 30 crystal sound effects, layered and panning from left to right randomly and you're more likely to hear them with headphones. And finally, there is a sound effect representing the swinging pendulum which goes from your left to your right ear, back and forth, which is underneath the layers of all the other effects to DEEPEN your trance - you'll be flying away in no time. Just make sure you have headphones to get the full effect. The sound effect of my voice may take a little getting used to, but once you do, everything will become totally clear.

You can now hear this session on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio!