Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deepmind Darkwood 2012

Deepmind Darkwood is a three day event that combines the spritual with the hypnotic. This year's theme is Playing With Time. Registration is now open and the event runs from September 28-30, 2012.  Please click the link for details information on how you can register and attend this great event.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ellechemy's "Easy"

“Concentrating on your mind and body connection while I relax you enough to get inside your head is easy for me to do to you. Let me explain what is happening to you as I take you under and lower your resistance to being programmed and conditioned. Simply a perfect session to drift off to or start your day with.” 
- Ellechemy

DHR and Ellechemy are proud to present “Easy” as the newest addition to our daily playlist.  You can hear this session on DHR and download your own copy at the Hypnotists' Marketplace at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Warm And Relaxed" By Mistress Sarah

Here's a hypnotic video treat from Mistress Sarah. A great sample of her work and a very effective session. I hope you enjoy and visit her site to experience more.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome Slutinmyhead

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio welcomes Slutinmyhead to our Broadcast Family.  Like many of us, he has had an interest in hypnosis from a young age.  He’s been contributing erotic fiction to MCStories for over a decade and was the first person to post erotic content for the Virtual Hypnotist program.  You may know his work from  He’s been contributing to WMM for a few years, after winning a contest that earned him the honor of having his script recorded by Lady Rio.  Slutinmyhead uses his experience and knowledge from research in the field of neuroscience and cognition to create sessions that are highly effective.  Using a wide range of techniques, his art is constantly improving. 
Slutinmyhead recently launched two new websites to showcase his work and I encourage you to visit both to explore his entire catalog of hypnotic art.  He also loves feedback so I do encourage you to let him know your thoughts on his sessions and your hypnotic experiences.
Beginning today, You can hear “Hypnosis Works… Too Well”.  This is the first of what I hope will be many sessions to be offered by Slutinmyhead for your enjoyment.

Erotic Hypnotists Unite
I’m thrilled to announce a very special collaborative session that comes to us from Slutinmyhead , Princess Surrender, ocntrl, Sarnoga, Cardigan, Heartwould, Pandora and our very own Lee Allure.  Beginning today, you can hear Erotic Hypnotists Unite’s presentation of “Ocean Of Voices”.  This session will generalize your bond to any hypnotist into a bond with ALL hypnotists.  This is truly a spectacular recording and I know you’ll love it.  In addition to hearing this recording on DHR, you can download it at and .

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanks To Hypnodelica

A very special thanks goes out to Hypnodelica for creating one of his spectacular spirals specifically for DESCENT.  You likely saw it spinning atop this page, welcoming you to DHR.  You can see many more of Hypnodelica's artistic creations and hear his amazing hypnosis MP3s by visiting his website.  I know you'll be blown away.

Friday, July 6, 2012

HypnoQueen Brings SLAVENOSIS To DHR!

HypnoQueen is a Dominant Hypnotist who is fully certified (C.C.H.T.) in many aspects of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP etc. She has crafted a hybrid form that she calls SLAVENOSIS.  It is a potent form of Hypnotic Mind Controlling Brainwashing with NLP and the use of Hypnotic Pheromones.
“I will be your new addiction... your religion... your reason for living... you can not resist me and you will not waste our time trying... I will take you weak mind and crush your will... I will replace it with mine and you will adore and worship me.  My hypnotic powers beguile and seduce your steadily weakening mind.  Just focus on me for a moment and you’ll be forever lost in a haze of forgetfulness, remembering only total obedience to your Master.  On your knees minion and worship the source of eternal enslavement.”

It’s time to experience SLAVENOSIS and DESCENT Hypnosis Radio your streaming home for it.  HypnoQueen’s first offering, “Brainwashed Cock” can now be heard on DHR as part of our daily playlist.  Get your first dose of SLAVENOSIS when we feature HypnoQueen and this session all weekend long.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mira Stern's "Tunnel Vision"

Having trouble completing things? Focusing? Putting first things first?

Tunnel Vision installs a trigger phrase and tells a story which snaps your attention into place. You can use the trigger on yourself, or have it used by others. While this file isn’t sexual or erotic – think of the possibilities.

This session by Mira Stern is now part of our DHR Playlist and you can hear it throughout the day.