Thursday, December 22, 2011

DHR Welcomes Mistress Joanne

Christmas has come a few days early for me. It comes in the long awaited opportunity that I now have to announce that Mistress Joanne has come to DESCENT Hypnosis Radio with a holiday themed sesseion entitled “Happy Holidaze”. Mistress Joanne is one of the best and longest friends that I have in the hypnosis community. I’ve had the pleasure of spending many sleepless late nights and early mornings in chat rooms discussing everything with Joanne from hypnosis theory, poetry, and her love of diverse musical artists from Coltrane to Jeff Buckley to Boards Of Canada. Joanne has as unique a personality as I’ve ever encountered, Talented beyond belief and a truly natural hypnotist.

I will allow Mistress Joanne to introduce herself to you in her own words…

I'm a HypnoDomme, writer, poet, musician/percussionist and agent of rhythm...My life's passions are hypnosis and music, and everything I do drips of either one or both...My style is always seductive, always commanding and always I evil? I mischievous? yes! I take exquisite delight in subtly manipulating and influencing your perceptions of's a good thing I'm ethical...

About “Happy Holidaze” …

This original one track recording has been given "the treatment" as it were ...and just in time for the with improved sound quality and a endless myriad of subliminal layers, this most compelling session reminds you that it is the season of Mistress Joanne...the holiday season is upon U/us and with it comes so much...I offer the gift of irresistible psychological seduction for the playful purposes of enslaving your mind to Me...and yet I take the desire to drop you into a deeper subspace than ever before quite seriously...upon entering (and re-entering) this realm with Me, you discover that I have presents under the tree for you to open...while you become more helplessly and hypnotically open in My presence...I think you'll find My gifts most appealing, most alluring and most've never experienced the ecstasy of the holidays quite like this...give Me your attention...that's all I need...once I have it, I

have you and you will discover your deepest surrender yet...your mind lost in a complete WHITEOUT...yet you are found...writhing in enslaved bliss...the most perfect way I can think of for you to enjoy the season...Happy Holidaze, My slaves!

“Happy Holidaze” will stream on DHR for a limited time for the holidays.

You’ll find Mistress Joanne’s entire hypnosis catalog at

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays From DHR!

We have a very special holiday treat from Mistress Carol. “Mistress Carol of the Bells” is a deep trance Christmas present to fans of Mistress Carol. This session will take you deep into trance and plant one trigger and one post hypnotic suggestion, both in the spirit of Christmas.
This session will stream for the remaining holiday season.

Click here for a free download of this session

You'll find Mistress Carol’s entire hypnosis catalog at

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mistress Carol's "Round About"

Round and round you go, where you stop only Mistress Carol knows. In this new session, Mistress Carol’s hypnotic voice will take you on a ride that you will never be able to stop. This session is a little different from her usual and it’s a lot of fun.

Tune in today to enjoy “Round About” and be sure to visit Mistress Carol’s website for more erotic hypnosis for the submissive in you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Deep Submission" By Hypnodelica

You’ve seen his breathtaking visual hypnosis designs. Now it’s time to complete your experience with the first of what I hope will be many sessions to be added by Hypnodelica. “Deep Submission” is a powerful ride into submissive hypnotic trance. Hypnodelica’s voice captures your mind and makes it difficult to resist his words in this arousing hypnotic journey.

After you've enjoyed this session, you can find more of his audio sessions and visual hypnosis inductions at his website.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Diva's "Surrender Silently"

I’m a huge fan of Diva and it’s a great pleasure to present this session to DHR Listeners.  

"Surrender Silently" is a heavily layered session with amazing ethereal effects. Deeply relaxing and structured to slip you into a level of whole body release. Release of tension, anxiety, and the desire to speak of negative subjects. You will listen and obey, and you will surrender silently and completely to Diva.