Monday, June 22, 2015

Hypno Burger: Mindless Milkshake By Mistress Q

Enjoy the feeling of mindlessness as you drink a yummy milkshake.

Makes use of an established reinduction trigger from the other Hypno Burger files.

It also adds two new triggers for pleasure and sensation.
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New Spotlight Artists, Biobazar

Dany Janvier/Biobazar
Composer, writer and DJ Dany Janvier is a multidisciplinary artist who works with both image and sound. Specializing in chill-out electronic music, electronica, IDM, ambient, and psytrance, he’s been part of the Canadian electro-underground scene since 1998.
Uncompromising when it comes to music, Dany Janvier creates his tracks as if they were a collage, using eclectic elements from all kinds of sources. Film and other sound clips, groovy ambient trance, traditional and electro-acoustic music, world beat, baroque, and classical merge as Dany Janvier reunites art, philosophy, fantasy, and spirituality. His unique style provides him with infinite possibilities and revolutionizes conventions.
Dany Janvier creates tracks like works of art in which unpredictable melodies and structures follow complex composition systems. The listener travels through musical landscapes that borrow from electro ambient, down tempo, acid’s hallucinatory pulsations, and trance’s percussive energy. Since 2005, Dany Janvier has produced nine original albums and one Ep (in 2014) as part of his Biobazar project. In 2009, his “Festin NU” album was nominated in the electronic-music album of the year category by ADISQ. His most recent album, “Vitaphone” (2014) was nominated in the electronic-music album of the year category by ADISQ. Dany Janvier is now producing a tenth original album, which he expects will be ready by the end of June 2015. He’d love to present this album all over the world.

Biobazar has offered hundreds of live performances and DJ sets as part of various shows and several Canadian electronic-music festivals – including Tech Safari’s famous Eclipse Festival – even performing twice in Europe, including at the Wax Club in 2008 as part of Brussels’ summer festival.

With Biobazar, Dany Janvier can offer a high quality show with live video feed, both on his own (as a DJ) and with musicians. Biobazar’s music has been used in a few short films and by a circus company in its art happenings. Being baroque, fantastical and eclectic, Biobazar’s music naturally complements art—whether it accompanies the movements of dancers or inspires the creation work of visual artists.
With Biobazar’s music, Dany Janvier is not trying to be the flavour of the month: he wants his universe to reach those who enjoy 1970s psychedelic space rock and progressive music as well as novice listeners who enjoy electronic music but seek deeper sounds, different from common electronica.

Dany Janvier doesn’t believe in premade answers and he refuses the style dogma that divide everything into simplistic categories. In his reality, he trusts questions and experimentations more than preconceived answers.
Currently working as an art and newspaper photographer, a radio host and producer, a video director, cameraman and editor, he also dabbled in painting in the 1990s. He enjoys taking part in every aspect of creation/production to share his vision of daily beauty and simplicity in this world.

Listen to DHR for your chance to hear Thé D'après Midi De Janvier.

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Change Is On The Horizon

A change is coming to DESCENT Hypnosis Radio.  In actuality, it's an evolution.  An evolution that I hope will someday lead to revolution in both the type of hypnosis sessions that artists produce and in what our listeners will enjoy in the future. 

Our focus at DHR is now on providing you, our fans and listeners, with a new entertainment option, a way to take your subconscious mind on a journey or adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your chair or bed.  You know how easily you can lose yourself in a book or movie.  Imagine allowing our hypnotists to guide you through scenes and adventures like none you've ever experienced.  Because those are fed right into your subconscious mind, your imagination is revved up and can create images and feelings that are so powerful that these sessions can easily become reality to you... or better.

DHR is excited to enter 2015 with a new direction and content for all listeners.  The sessions are all now "PG Rated" or lighter. All with positive energy and perfect for all listeners, male or female.  I want to show everyone what's possible with hypnosis and offer it as an entertainment option for when you need an escape and have a few minutes to spend exploring the power of your own mind with us.

DHR Program Director

Sub Space by Mistress Candice

 Sub Space is that very special place where the listener enters with total trust and submission to completely immerse ones senses in a very intense scene.

This recording is designed specifically to take you deep inside yourself. To a place so deep you are both heavy and weightless at the same time. A place so deep inside you that you body will respond automatically to the suggestions you are given, to the commands you are given. It is soft and dark and you slip beyond space and time.

This is a good recording for EVERYONE!. If you are hard to hypnotize this is for you! If you are looking to get lost and forget yourself, this is for you. There is a suggestion embedded so that when you listen to any of my recordings you will go down faster and deeper.

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Introducting Cautiontape

 DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is thrilled to introduce you to our Spotlight Artists, Cautiontape.

"Our songs are cautionary tales", says Jason Garcia, keyboardist and songwriter of Cautiontape, Austin's "newer-wave" 4-piece. "They sound upbeat, but the lyrics tell a different story.". The Deli Magazine writes, "Britani Woods' captivating vocals add a touch of mischief to the band's sound that’s a little My Gold Mask meets Metric.". Producer Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather, Future Clouds and Radar) says of the band, "They're great to listen to because no one overplays. There's a lot of space in the music."

Formed in 2013 by vocalist and songwriter Britani Woods, formerly of Petals, and former Household Names frontman Jason Garcia on keyboards and vocals, drummer Asher Alexander and bassist Matt Bell-Roberts round out the sound. Having no guitars in the band posed unique challenges, as Jason Garcia relates. "I went from playing rhythm guitar in my last band to having to play two keyboards at once. I'm still not sure that I'm doing it right, but my piano teacher might be impressed." Brit says, "We always know when we've done a good take of something because Asher yells "YEAH!!!!" from the drums right afterward. It's kind of how we decide if something works or not."

The band wanted to keep the recording and production straightforward and true to the songs and the musicians. The goal was to have it sound like 4 people in a room playing but not in a "garagey" way- each of the songs has a very precise arrangement and distinct parts. The EP is "synth pop" but not "electro"; the parts are simple but intricate; the mood is pop but at the same time subtle. The finished product evokes an "analog" quality of classic bands like Fleetwood Mac or the Cars, while adding a touch of the darker, more electronic sound of modern bands such as Metric.

Hear Cautiontape on Soundcloud and tune in to DHR to hear this Spotlight Artist.


SLIP Into Mindlessness

 Slip Into Mindlessness is a hypnosis file that I have created to strengthen any Slip series hypnotic programming that you may receive from me.

- Amethyst

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Jocelyn Jensen's Premium Channel Initial Session

Meet your hypnotist, learn to trance easily; find internal resources, and awaken feeling marvelous!

We hope you enjoy this session by Jocelyn Jensen of Hypno-Systems UK

Hypno-Systems UK Premium Hypnosis By Request on YouTube

John512's Fractionation Friday

 Fractionation: The process used by a hypnotist to take a subject into and out of a state of trance. The repeating of induction and deepening takes the subject into a deeper state of trance with each cycle. 

John512 is a certified hypnotist, living in Australia. He practices recreationally and often can be found socializing in the chat room at  This session is a recording of a live session that John512 performed in that chat room as part of a gathering of chat room regulars for "Fractionation Friday."

Isabella Valentine's Negative Infinity

This ONE-HOUR erotic hypnosis recording will intellectually stimulate your mind deep into negative infinity, as you fall into universal worm holes in space, defying gravity, and becoming part of space time. If you have already listened to the Zero Gravity series, you will have a greater appreciation of the quantum level this mp3 will take you. This combines quantum physics, mathematics, black holes, scientific theories, parallel universes, sexual energy, infinite love, divine wisdom and understanding, and appreciation of Goddess energy into a beautiful, soothing recording. Isabella makes mathematics sounds sexy as she counts down the negative numbers of the universe, multiplying them as you increase your sexual awareness and own personal wisdom.

This mp3 is designed for all genders, so men, women, and transgenders can all achieve a deep level of trance. If you have an IQ that is higher than average and consider yourself to be great at self-hypnosis, then this is essential for your collection. I have a feeling that many self-identified "geeks" may consider this to be their favorite. I'm a geek, what can I say. And by the way, intelligence is sexy, so if you own this recording, you're pretty damn smart.


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