Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lady Lana's "Drive"

Go on a fantasy trip. Slide into a mental journey that has been carefully constructed for you by an erotic femdom Goddess. It will take you deep down into a trance fetish.

It is mainly a trance session. There is barely any reference to femdom at all… but it’s dark.. and methodical.
It is your chance to let go and let someone else guide you, to take over your mind, to paint a mental picture.

It’s a subtle mindfuck for someone who doesn’t want submission to be drummed down under erotic trances, but simply wants to let go, meanwhile avoiding the new agey crap elements and the “you’re getting sleepy now” inductions.

Quiet, dark, and the world has slowed down…as the background music is quietly humming in the background, you focus on the road. As you drive… into the state of forgetfulness, as you drive, into hypnotic escape, into the altered state of consciousness, into the state of trance, entering into the light state of amnesia.

You forget, how long you have been driving for, which exit you have passed and if the music has been playing or not. You may have no recollection at all of changing the station. As you drive… you let go of your conscious control of your mind and turn it on the cruise control. You don’t have to think.  Sit back, hold on the wheel tight and drive. Further, down, into darkness.

The mp3 has Dubstep beats and layers of different tracks and voice. The mp3 is about 17 minutes long.  Can be listened along with other mild mindfuck series.

You don’t have to be into femdom at all to listen to this, just to be free and open minded and willing to explore your subconscious realms of your mind.

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Lady Inamorata's "Erotic Awakening"


It's time to awaken your imagination and eroticism with this new session by Lady Inamorata.  It's now part of our daily broadcast and will be featured all weekend long.  Explore Lady Inamorata at and follower her on Twitter @LadyInamorata

"Super You" By The Muse

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero for a day?  Here’s your chance!  DHR is excited to bring you “Super You” by The Muse.  This session is now part of our daily broadcast.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Amethyst Mist" By Amethyst

Many of you know that I was a clinical hypnotherapist working in an office environment for several years. This was a session that I would always give my clients, no matter what reason they were coming to see me, and they LOVED it! They always received their sessions on a cassette, made right there in the office for them. My clients would always come back to report that this was the cassette that they listened to the most. It was my "signature" recording.

Amethyst Mist will guide you through a releasing process, where you will be cleansed of 29 unwanted emotions. You will then be surrounded by a protective shield and given a trigger word for Peace and Calm, which you can give yourself at any time.

Enjoy this sessions starting today on DHR!

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An Update From Lady Lana

I wanted to make an announcement about recent changes on Due to unforeseen circumstances the website had to go through a rehab and now has new look, new features and new store. Please take your time to make yourself familiar.

Store: Now you are able to register and make purchases directly on the site without using any of the third party processors. The store uses well-trusted and currently accepts visa, discover and jcb as payment methods, mastercard will be added in the near future as well.The downloads are instant and never expire. Keep an eye for promotions and coupon codes posted on twitter, facebook and in the blogs.

Blog: The latest updates about upcoming recordings, photo sets, videos and wishlists, brags, bitching and moaning. Feel free to post your comments, wishes, concerns related to the posts. They are always welcome. Look out for treats in the “locked” content blogs where I post little random treats like exclusive pictures, desktop wallpapers, audio and/or video posts. I do not make that material available anywhere else… as I said, pretty pretty exclusive.

Phone and Cam: I have also made available option to see me on live cam and/or phone. I prefer phone for erotic hypnosis sessions and cam for worship, financial domination and humiliation sessions.

If you have any ideas/wishes for custom recordings, feel free to contact me to inquire about my availability.

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Lady Lana