Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Session From Ellechemy

Ellechemy’s latest session, "Shiver", blends her seductively hypnotic sound with her musical skills to create a unique session that I know you’ll enjoy.

This file contains adult content and was created for deeply devoted male followers and fans of Ellechemy who are desperate for their next fix. She will freeze your most precious appendage, taking complete control for the duration of the session... and maybe much longer. Positive reinforcement through subliminal audio vox tracks and repetition for maximum conditioning effect.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New From Diva

Close your eyes and listen to detailed descriptions of my ever moving body wrapped in shimmery satin and dual layers of high gloss tan nylon towering over you. Listen to me through stereo headphones as I impose my desire and will upon you, conditioning you to give in to me willingly. You cannot resist my nylon, and you will not resist my control.


“Breaking you, purging you, rebuilding you to my design."

You can hear "Nylon Glaze" on DHR beginning today. Tune in to listen and be sure to visit Diva's website.

Friday, September 9, 2011

More From Josie

Josie returns to DHR with a second soothing and erotic hypnosis session entitled “TiT-anic”.  You’ll quickly be drawn in by her sound that’s been described as “an Australian accent soothed by American living”.  Her  uniquely seductive sound and descriptive imagery are what make Josie a shining new star on the horizon of Femdom hypnosis.  You can now hear “TiT-anic” throughout the day as part of our growing playlist of great hypnosis sessions.

If you've arrived here from Inraptured and are looking for a free download of this file, return to the page you came from and look to the right.  Just below the image for the file, you'll find a button with a musical note on it.  Keep in mind that you can hear it on DHR!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New From Mistress Carol

DHR is very excited to have a new offering from Mistress Carol. Her new session is entitled “Submit Slave” and beginning today you can hear it throughout each day on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio.

Here are a few words from Mistress Carol describing this hypnosis experience.

Do you want to make changes in your life? Do you want my deep and penetrating control, and powerful dominating presence to take your will, your thoughts and program you to make the changes I want you to make? Of course, you do. This session will plant a very powerful and effective trigger in your mind to begin this life-changing journey.

Please visit Mistress Carol’s site to hear more of her dominant style of hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis For The Submissive In You

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introducing Galiana Chance

Do you know Galiana Chance? For those of you who’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, she will come as a delightfully sweet surprise.

Galiana Chance has come to DESCENT Hypnosis Radio and here are a few words from her to help you get to know her better.

I have been doing erotic hypnosis over the phone for almost a year, while reading and researching as much as I can to learn more, but mostly learning by tripping the light trancetastic with my callers.

I got started on the erotic hypnosis path by having a few callers offer to hypnotize me, some of which were clearly role-plays, but one in particular stood out and piqued my curiosity. He took his time with a lovely induction of relaxation and the imagery of floating, and then starting ramping up erotic sensations in me, including erotic tickling.

I thought I had not been "fully hypnotized" because I remembered the whole session, but it was striking to me how clearly I had been able to imagine and feel his hands on me, and that I had found his tickling mildly erotic. Before that phone call, my strongest association with tickling was an unfortunate incident where my siblings got carried away and tickled me until I puked. Not good. Not sexy. Not erotic. In fact, kinda terrifying (they felt REALLY bad about it at the time, and still feel REALLY bad about it to this day).

So, without discussing my anti-tickling bent, this guy somehow managed to get ripples of pleasure out of me through tickling. I was intrigued.

My research showed what everyone here probably already knows: you don't have to forget everything to have been hypnotized. Ohhhh. That kicked off a string of experiments with my husband and a lover (I'm openly non-monogamous so my husband knows about my lovers) where they read hypnosis scripts that I had written to reinforce the sexy sensuality of being tickled, which led to a few fantastic tickle-induced orgasms. I was hooked!!

Although I enjoy a variety of hypnosis flavors - including brainwashing, body worship, humiliation, sensation play, non-erotic deepening just for the sake of trancing, interrogation, feminization, and using hypnosis to heighten the intensity of role-play fantasies, I will admit to having a favorite: tease and/or denial. I ... ummmm ... I may have developed a begging fetish.

Want to know more?

Beginning this weekend, you can hear her session, “Induction, Pleasure, Triggers” throughout each day on DESCENT Hypnosis Radio and you can find out much more about Galiana at her website.