Monday, February 25, 2013

ocntrl's "Latex Puppet"

DHR is thrilled to announce a new session by ocntrl.   The follow-up to “Deep Trance” is a sample version of “Latex Puppet”.  This session can now be heard as part of our daily broadcast.

Latex Puppet (sample)

This file puts the trigger 'Latex Puppet' in place to be used in one of two ways. Triggered by someone else you will become a Latex Puppet, controlled by them. When triggered by yourself, you will become a Latex Puppet, immobile for an hour, experiencing all the pleasure you dare think off. This file is a sample, but a complete file, different from the pay file in that the pay file is more extensive and longer. Enjoy.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mistress Sennett's "Hypnosis Fiend"

Your journey into Intense Hypnosis continues with the follow up to “Deep Sweet Submission”.  Mistress Sennett presents “Hypnosis Fiend”, a hypnotic session that’ll enhance your submission and make your addiction even stronger.  This new session is now part of our daily playlist so tune in often to experience it.

Visit Mistress Sennett’s website to explore all of her offerings.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Charlotte Gray Comes To DHR!

DESCENT Hypnosis Radio welcomes very dear and long time friend to our radio family.  I’ve got a special place in my heart for Mistress Charlotte and it is a true honor to broadcast sessions by this amazing artist. 

“Greetings to you my darling.  My name, as you may well have surmised (you clever boy, you) is Charlotte, though if you’re willing to please me enough, you may eventually earn the privilege of calling me Mistress.
I’m a creative, adventurous and occasionally cruel woman, skilled in the ways of mental manipulation, hypnotic eroticism and human psychology.  I find the domination and enslavement of men to be a most fulfilling art, and I expect and demand absolute respect from my boys at all times.  Yes, I can be kind, empathetic and gentle when it suits me; and I enjoy art, literature and music of times past, but if you want to attract and keep my attention honey, I suggest that you make a genuine effort to engage with me.  As so many Dommes say, ‘This isn’t about you’.”  
- Charlotte Gray
Venus In Furs
Do you dare submit to your despotic Mistress, your Venus in Furs? Take your first steps into submission to me, and discover what I’m all about. Being lost has never felt so good.
This wonderful session can now be heard as part of our daily hypnotic broadcast.  Tune in to hear it and be sure to visit Charlotte Gray's website to explore her mp3 catalog

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day From DHR

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day the only way that we know how, by featuring the work of Isabella Valentine.  You’ll hear an extra helping of favorite sessions like “Cloud 9”, “Dreamweaving”, “Qrystal”, “Lose Yourself”, along with two new sessions that you’re sure to enjoy.  Beginning today, “Glass Whispers” and “Dream Diva” can be heard as part of our daily broadcast!  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Trancing.
Glass Whispers
This magical mp3 starts off with an enchanting creative visualization of water droplets, energy, lakes, and universes. Through one scene to the next, you are led down universal worm holes that lead you to the Divine, where you see the world on your canvas, your palette to paint whatever you desire with your imagination.

One universe offers its hand to you which takes you on an artistic journey of the mind where you are invited to have sex with the Tree of Life. The tree is known for its wisdom, sexuality, charisma, intelligence, prosperity, healing, and love. Experience sex with a tree, with the Goddess... and then explore the inner dimensions of your mind where you find ultimate peace and fulfillment. Colorful raindrops represent different colors that lubricate your mind. Here, words and phrases can hold infinite meanings.
Dream Divap of Form
It appears my shoe strap has come undone. Would you be a gentleman and fix it for me…

SENSUAL and POWERFUL female DOMINATION, foot and leg WORSHIP, and yummy GODDESS goodness designed exclusively for men.

Featuring cock control, tease and denial, and arousing themes. Within the elegant universe of inductions, you are taken through spacetime across the Cosmos and onto the pale blue dot called Earth where you are immersed in a European cultural dream vacation. Come with me to the Santa Marguerita Ligure where your power is subdued at the sight of my Dominatrix skyscraper 8-inch heels.

Immaculate detail for foot and leg fetishists, and even if you THINK you don’t have a foot fetish, you do now, my love. Yes, that’s right. I will “own your cock and make it mine” - oh so sexy and divine! You’ll crave feet and legs like you never thought possible. This experience is very much about what *I* want and you’re along for the ride… mmmm yes… I might just cross or uncross my legs. Down boy.

Without even noticing how, I will give you the gift of selected amnesia. Soon this will all be a blur. There is a Jackpot suggestion in this, but you’ll only get ONE hint when it’s coming cause I like knowing it’ll flow over you in waves! The “tingle” suggestion is also used for those who are trained to respond to its tingling power. Headphones recommended because there are whispered overlaying tracks at key moments you won’t wanna miss.

Please visit Isabella Valentine's website to see and hear all that she has to offer.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

DHR Welcomes Amethyst!

Meet Amethyst
Amethyst studied Psychology in college, then received Her Advanced Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a certified specialist in Cell Command Therapy (TM), Addictions Recovery, Grief Recovery, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Forensic Hypnosis. She worked as a Supervisor and Head Hypnotist in a clinic, where She performed well over 4,000 hypnosis sessions. With all this clinical use of hypnotherapy, the sexual Hypnodomme was bound to break free..... and She has!
“I have always been a very naughty, sexual person, but when I stepped into the role of Mistress, quite by accident, that's when sparks really started to fly. I was working with a friend who enjoyed testing the boundaries of what he would do during a deep hypnotic state. We had done this many times, but it was always the typical stuff.... forgetting numbers, regressions, spiritual exploration etc. He surprised me one day when he asked if I would use the power of my voice to guide his body into complete submission and orgasm upon command. Something ignited in Me. We started the session, and I naturally shifted into his FemDom Mistress. I loved using the power of My feminine charms to make a man sexually weak, where he was pleading for mercy. He was under My spell, and before he knew it, he was having a glorious hypnotic orgasm.

The Mistress emerged that day, and has never retreated. Oh, how I love to bring Her out to play! Would you like to come play with Me? “ 
- Amethyst

Obedient Body

The first contribution by Amethyst is a sessions entitled "Obedient Body”.  Deep FemDom hypnosis programming to train your body to respond exactly as a good sex slave should. You'll instantly respond with profound sexual arousal to Mistress Amethyst's feminine dominance. Without even thinking about it, you'll easily transform into the submissive man that you desire to be.
Even though this recording is intended for those who wish to be submissive to their Mistress, it would also be a great recording for anyone suffering from an inability to obtain or maintain an erection.

You now hear Amethyst’s “Obedient Body” each day as part of our broadcast.  Be sure to visit her site and explore the amazing selection of audio sessions that she offers.
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